Ilhan Omar: “Battle is raging inside me, watch out world”

Lately, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been under fire for her anti-Semitic Tweets. Omar has tweeted several anti-Semitic tweets that have raised concerns with not only Republicans but with some Democrats as well.

Now, another tweet of Omar’s has surfaced and this one might be just as worrisome.

Before Omar was elected to Congress in 2018 and Minnesota House of Representatives in 2016, Omar tweeted what some may take as a threat.

In 2014, Omar tweeted: “Battle is raging inside me, watch out world”

See tweet below:

Battle is raging inside me, watch out world Ilhan Omar

“Battle”? “Raging”? “Watch out world?” She tweets this and then not long after, starts seeking seats in our Government?

Wake up America!

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