Michelle Carter taken into custody

Michelle Carter taken into custody
Michelle Carter taken into custody

Michelle Carter has been taken into custody.

In 2014 Michelle Carter sent Conrad Roy 1000’s of text messages encouraging him to kill himself. Not only did Carter send text messages, but she also told Roy where, when and how to do it. Making it even worse, Carter listened on the phone as Conrad sat in a truck filling with carbon monoxide, until he died. At one moment, Roy had got out of the truck and told Carter that he didn’t want to do it. Carter yelled at him to “get back in the f***ing truck.”

In 2017 Carter was convicted in connection of Roy’s death.

Carter was allowed to remain free, until her appeal was heard by the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Last week, the court ruled against Carter.

Today, Carter appeared in court and asked that the Judge allow her to remain free until the U.S. Supreme Court hears her case, but the Judge denied Carter’s request. Carter was taken into custody to start serving her time for her conviction.

See video below:

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