Pro-Life teens threatened by black hate group

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the video of the MAGA hat wearing teens “harassing” an elderly Native American man. The problem is, it’s fake news. The teens never harassed anyone.

As I stated in a previous article:

Teens from the March for Life crossed paths with the Indigenous People’s March in DC. A video has gone viral or a teen wearing a MAGA hat and an elderly Native American man standing face to face, the elderly man beating a drum in the teens face. The video shows a group of Trump supporting teens and Native Americans. The teens were called racial slurs but all seemed to keep their cool. Some of the teens danced along with the chants of the Native Americans. The boy who was face to face with the elderly man never said a word to him.

In a video not being shown by the MSM it shows the Native American group approaching the teens and the elderly man getting into the teens face, beating the drum. The teens didn’t do anything to provoke the incident.

So what happened before this, to get the Native American people so upset, that they’d approach teenagers and beat a drum in their faces? Before the incident with the teens, the Native American group and a black hate group were arguing. The black men were disrupting the Native American’s event and yelling out racist and homophobic comments. A few of the Native Americans approached the men and they exchanged words. One of the black men was upset because a Native American woman was trying to debate him. He said that women with loud mouths are the problem and that they have loud mouths because they’re not use to dealing with real men. The men called the Native Americans blue eyed demons and compared them to whites. The two groups continued to argue while the MAGA hat wearing teens stood by and watched. That’s when one of the black men started yelling at and threatening the teens.

One of the men, who goes by Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan on Facebook, told the teens:

Why don’t ya’ll come up and ask a question, Billy? Don’t stand to the side and mock, bring ya’ll cracka ass up here and make a statement. Tell ’em come over here in the lions den instead of mocking over there. You little dirty ass crackas, your day coming, your day coming, your day coming! ‘Cause your little dusty asses wouldn’t walk down the street in a black neighborhood and walk up on nobody playing games like that. I will stick my foot in your little ass. Think it’s a game over here. And we can give a hell about your police. Aint nobody playin’ with these dusty ass crackas out here.

After threatening the teens, the men continued their rant about the white man and telling the Native Americans things like the white man has a foot in their ass. It is clear that the black hate group was there to start problems and when a problem arised with Native Americans, they then turned it onto the teens.

At one point, a Native American man walks towards the hateful men and calls them out. One of the black men told the Native American:

That’s the reason the white man got a foot in your ass. That’s the reason standing rock aint standing no damn more….

He then yells:

We aint scared of ya’ll

The Native American man replies with:

Aint no mother f*cker scared of you neither mother f*cker

The two men exchange some more words and then the black man tried to turn it around and instigate the Native American man into harassing the teens. He told the Native American man:

Always talking out their ass, but you wont say that to this peckerwood wearing a make America great hat again.

The black man then called the Native American man “Uncle Tomahawk” and told him he has his head up the white man’s ass.

After this, One of the black men then approaches the group of teens, trying to intimidate them.  Calling them bastards and dusty ass animals.

Another black man, not with the group, approached the men. He and one of the hateful men started arguing. Again, the hateful men attempted to turn it around and instigate this man to be angry with the teens. One of the men said:

Let me ask you something, you got all these dirty ass crackas behind you with a red make America great hat again on and your coons ass you want to fight your brothers. You got all these racist bastards…with all these crackas wearing racist ass make America great  hats on and you wanna talk about you’re gonna get violent with us? Get your old uncle Tom ass outta here….

The man arguing with the hateful men then walks away and the men go back to harassing the teens. One said:

Look at all these peckerwoods, this is what the Lord’s coming for.

One of the men walked up to the teens again and told them:

Look at all these dusty ass crackas with that racist garbage on. Look at these dirty ass crackas. Cant stand in the damn sun for more than 5 minuets.

He then called the teens future school shooters and tells them that everybody hates them.

A teen riding around on a hover board was also threatened by the men. One of the men told the teen:

But in the new kingdom this man’ll get his head cracked. He’s a white beast. His blood will  be on his skateboard. That’s what it’s going to come, that’s what’s going to happen. And guess what, it might happen sooner than you think..The Government’s going to trickle down to the police. You aint gonna be able to call 911 peckerwood. You aint gonna be able to call 911. You’re not going to able to. We’re gonna see the survival of the fittest next. We’re gonna see the purge. ‘Cause the purge is coming. I hope you crackas ready.

The kids ignore the men’s threats and a bit later start singing their school fight song.

This is when the Native Americans march over to the kids. As they were walking up, the black men once again instigated for the boys to be harassed. The elderly Native American man walked right into the group of teens and started banging his drum in their faces, while the black hate group stood back and instigated.

See the full video below:








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