Teens abduct 5-year-old to lure sister into fight

teens abduct 5-year-old to lure sister into fight

According to reports, a 5-year-old girl was abducted from in front of a Memphis, Tennessee elementary school.

A group of teens took the little girl from Dunbar Elementary School and took her to Melrose High School football stadium. One of the teens hit the little girl in the face, while another teen recorded. The teen then sent the video to the little girl’s sister and threatened to hurt the 5-year-old if the sister didn’t meet her for a fight outside the football stadium.

The little girl’s sister went to the stadium and was attacked by several teens, while the little girl stood by crying.

Video here

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  1. Life without parole and death sentence for the one who devised the event. Why the sister didn’t show up with the police is beyond me.

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