Texas Judge sworn into office on the quran

texas judge sworn into office on the quran

Rabeea Collier was recently elected Judge of the 113th Civil District Court of Harris County, Texas.

Collier is a Pakistani American, muslim woman.

Collier was sworn into office on January 3rd and it appears she was sworn in on the quran. Photos of Collier from the swearing in ceremony were posted to Facebook. Along with the photos of Collier, is a photo of a quran placed on a table during the ceremony.

See photos below:


Author: Deplorable Kel

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44 thoughts on “Texas Judge sworn into office on the quran


      1. 💯✔ I agree!
        U can not do your job correctly if you are not going to judge under American laws! Quran is NOT Judaism. That is not how our forefathers swore in. GOD HELP US!

  1. What the Hell is wrong with people. Have they lost what little bit of brain matter they had.
    How do they not see this as dangerous?
    The Quran is not allowed here in a Christian nation. Especially since we have laws on the books making this illegal.


  3. How the Hell is this possible in America!! Our governing body are a bunch of spineless, no good, retards!! These DEMON POSSESSED killers should be banned from ever entering our country! Stupidity knows no bounds, and our freedoms are slowly dissipateing!

  4. How the Hell is this possible in America!! Our governing body are a bunch of spineless, no good, retards!! These DEMON POSSESSED killers should be banned from ever entering our country! Stupidity knows no bounds, and our freedoms are slowly dissipateing!

  5. I can not be judged by a person sworn in on a false document, a Muslim has no God given right to judge a Christian, never!

  6. This is unsatisfactory TEXAS, What the hell is wrong with us that we would let another Trojan Horse into our judicial system. We are giving our Nation away to the enemy. This is another great example of the enemy within our gates; and on the WALLS. This is an example of Nero fiddling (doing nothing) while Rome burns.

    1. This is So Wrong, I can hardly believe this is happening in our Country, What in The World Is Going On, They Hate Us!!!!

  7. If you cast a vote for a Muslim you should have to forfeit your voting rights for the rest of your life. No ?? S asked. If you are that stupid that you cannot vote for an American you don’t deserve to be voting in American elections. !!!!!

  8. Shariah law is not our law how can she be unbiased when they don’t believe in God or our laws this is total B.S. and totally unfair to anyone who goes before her.

  9. Happy for her service but not the switch to Quran. I will not discount the importance of her holy book, but will add this: the best of human society and law have hung on the Torah, the OT, and the New Testament. Our society has room for all, but cannot negate eternal truths. Our nation comes from the Shema AND the command of Christ “to love your enemy”. Those who wish to swear in using a quran,perhaps, should be required to swear also on the Bible as it is the cornerstone of our Constitution.

  10. The technical meaning of the term taqiyya is derived from the Quranic reference to religious dissimulation in Sura 3:28:

    Let not the believers take the unbelievers for protectors rather than believers; and whoever does this, he shall have nothing of (the guardianship of) Allah, but you should guard yourselvesagainst them, guarding carefully (illā an tattaqūminhum tuqāt).[18]

    The two words tattaqū (“you fear”) and tuqāt”in fear” are derived from the same root as taqiya, and use of the abstract noun taqiya in reference to the general principle described in this passage is first recorded in a Qur’anic gloss by Al-Bukhari (9th century).[19]

  11. I do not see this lasting long term. This type of action and claims will be very short lived in Texas. I do think this is more less facts then truth.

  12. I am very concerned over the comments below. I have argued passionately with liberal friends over the intense obvious anti Christian questioning of nominated judges over their Christian/Catholic faith. It is SO unconstitutional. In this country a qualified person can become a judge no matter their faith. We have judges of all faiths and no faith; a qualified Muslim can be a judge. I realize people are worried about Sharia law but I don’t believe a Muslim judge is any more likely make decisions based upon Sharia than a Christian judge will rule based upon Leviticus and begin stoning disobedient children. They rule based upon law and the Constitution. I am not naive; fundamental Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic and atheist judges will gain positions but we need to have faith in the Constitution to counter those individuals otherwise we will be just as culpable of destroying it as the New Left Democrats seem intent upon doing.

    1. A Muslim is never qualified to be a judge or in Congress, etc in this country. Sharia Law disqualifies them. It is not just a religion as is Christianity, it is their LAW. They are not to follow any law other than Sharia.


      Also, you cannot compare their following Sharia Law to the verse in Leviticus. That is not a law that was intended for all Christians to follow for all time. Context is important when trying to store Bible and use it for purpose. This is how many try to use the Bible as a weapon against Christians, by taking certain verses and using them out of context. Here is the actual context of sinning one’s child as you referred to.

      He is a link explaining instructions for Christians to follow the laws of their government.


      If you read the article about Sharia Law and then the article explaining Christian instructions to follow government law, you will see they are not the same thing. One cannot accurately compare Christian’s ability to follow the Constitution to Muslim’s. Two entirely different belief systems despite those that try to make us think they are both just a religion.

    2. Yes, you are naive if you believe a Muslim who swore on the Koran is going to judge according to our constitution and biblical principles.

  13. This is illegal. They must leave their culture behind and adopt and assimilate in America. It is the law in America.

  14. Islam is Insurrection against our Constitution by definition. Islam and Communism are ILLEGAL in the United States. The Constitution is clear regarding Subversion.

  15. Horrible!!! Just horrible!!! This the United States of America!!! Not the middle east!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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