Muslim woman runs for Vice Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party

Deedra Hill Abboud made an announcement on Facebook today, informing her supporters that she is a candidate for Vice Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party.

In 2018 Deedra ran for U.S. Senate in a failed attempt.

Deedra is a muslim convert who has worked for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) & the Muslim American Society (MAS). Deedra served as director for the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-AZ) from 2001 to 2005. She was director of the Arizona chapter of the Muslim American Society’s (MAS) Freedom Foundation from 2005 to 2009.

In Deedra’s announcement on running, she wrote:

I am running as a candidate for one of the Vice-Chair positions on the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP) board.

The election will be held at the State Committee Meeting on January 26th, which will be held in Maricopa County (the quarterly State Committee Meetings rotate locations around the state) but the exact location has not yet been announced.

Only State Committee Members can vote in this election. State Committee Members are Precinct Committeepersons (PCs) elected by Legislative District (LD) and County Party elected PCs to represent them at State Committee Meetings.

Board members are volunteers (not paid) and do what most boards are expected to do: represent the Organization/Party, create organizational policy, fundraise, etc.

The ADP board consists of the following positions:
1st Vice Chair
Sr Vice Chair
6 Vice Chairs (diverse by gender & county)
Educational Coordinator
Affirmative Action Moderator
3 National Committeepersons
DNC Member
Chair of the Council of County Chairs

Current APD board member, Karyn Lathan, a female from Maricopa County, will not be seeking re-election (she was elected as Constable in the Tempe area, congrats!) and I will be seeking to fill the position she is vacating – though technically all positions are up for election, even for incumbents.

My intention is to bring my voice and various perspectives to the board and Party for discussion and to help formulate our Party policy going forward in a much-changed landscape.

I believe two things I demonstrated during my 2018 US Senate campaign were: 1) my willingness to travel the state and 2) my willingness for transparent communication (with various groups; on various topics; with patience and compassion but also with a strength of conviction; while explaining concepts, and why I took positions, in person and on social media).

My plan is to treat the ADP Vice Chair board position as a full-time job and do for the Party what I did during my campaign… with a continued focus on finding common ground among Party members and those who share our values.

My primary focus will be on local elections across the state.

I understand we have a presidential election in 2020, but we also have a Senate seat.

And even more important to me, we must keep the local seats we’ve gained as well as work hard to gain more local seats in the state legislature, city and county councils/boards, schools boards, and so many more.

While only State Committee members can vote in this election, everyone can spread the word. #PleaseDo

Attendance is also open to those unable to vote.






One thought on “Muslim woman runs for Vice Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party

  1. No this must be stopped! Deedra Hill Abboud is not your friend AMERICANS! Please open up YOUR eyes! Cant you see they want to take over the American life! They are part of the Cabal DemocRats\ Socialism/Communism! Dont do it! 💁🙏🇺🇸


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