Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s family was questioned by the FBI after September 11th terror attacks

Rashida Tlaib's familyl questioned by FBI

Rashida Tlaib recently became the first muslim palestinian Congresswoman. Tlaib was sworn into office yesterday, while wearing a palestinian thobe. Tlaib took her oath with her hand on the quran.

As I stated in a previous article, Tlaib’s family was questioned by the FBI after the September 11th terror attacks.

In an interview from 2011 Rashida says that her mother, father and brother were all questioned after the September 11th terror attacks. Rashida says that she was scared and knew that the FBI would be questioning them.

In the interview Rashida states:

We were really really scared. I was scared because we knew the FBI was going to come door knocking and they did. My mother had the first visit when my father wasn’t home and then my father had the swat team show up to his business. My brother, someone called the 800 number and said he was a terrorist.

If Rashida’s family had no involvement in the terror attacks, why was she so scared? How did she know the FBI was going to question them?

Listen to the full interview here

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