Video: Teen spits into salsa jar at Walmart

teen spits in salsa jar at walmart
teen spits in salsa jar at walmart

A teen filmed her friend spitting into a salsa jar at a Walmart in Wichita, Kansas and posted the video to Snapchat.

The Snapchat video was also shared to Facebook by a woman named Grace Evans. Evans wrote:

This is what I see on Snapchat.. a girl spitting in salsa at Walmart and putting it back on the shelf.. like wtf.. idk how people can go to sleep peacefully at night after doing stuff like this for literally no reason..
This video isn’t to harm anyone, it’s just something I saw that has been bothering me all morning..

According to reports:

A girl who acknowledged her involvement in the video, wrote on Snapchat, “For anyone who thinks we left the salsa at Walmart, we didn’t. We ended up buying it”

See video below:

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