McDonald's employee fights back after being attacked by man over a straw

Video: McDonald’s employee fights back after being attacked by man over a straw

A man was caught on video grabbing a Florida McDonald’s employee by the shirt and pulling her towards him. The employee defended herself by punching the man multiple times until he let her go.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by a witness, who says the incident started over a straw. The man was upset because there were no straws out in the fast food restaurant. The McDonald’s employee tried to explain to the man that because of a recent law that passed, they are not allowed to have straws out. Apparently, that is when the man became irate and attacked the woman.

The witness also stated on Facebook that the man attempted to fight the manager of McDonald’s after the video ended.

According to reports, St. Petersburg police say Daniel Taylor was arrested and is being charged with two counts of simple battery for grabbing the employee and for kicking another employee in the stomach as he was being escorted out the fast food restaurant.

See video below:

Caught on Video: Florida McDonald’s Employee Fights Back After Customer Attacks Her Over Straw

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