Video: Hilarious remake of vape shop clerk freaking out over customer’s Trump shirt

Hilarious remake of vape shop clerk freaking out over customer's Trump shirt

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the video of the vape shop clerk freaking out over customer, Ian Furgeson’s, Trump shirt. The clerk has a complete meltdown and refuses service to Furgeson. It has to be one of the most pathetic liberal meltdowns I’ve ever seen.

After the video went viral and Patriots complained about the clerk’s behavior, he was fired. But the clerk’s bad luck didn’t end there. He soon became the face of many memes and even a remake video of the incident. I doubt anyone will be forgetting his face anytime soon. Good luck on finding a new job and moving out of your parents’ basement!

See remake video posted by The United Spot below:

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  1. You may want to possibly reach out and maybe amend this story….according to quite a few people, The company lied to everyone and this employee is still working there today.

    Can’t say for sure since I’m in NY.

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