Man fired after freaking out over customer’s Trump shirt

Vape shop clerk fired after freaking out over customers Trump shirt

Earlier today, Ian Furgeson posted a video to Facebook, of a liberal store clerk freaking out about his Trump shirt. 

In the video, the clerk refuses to serve Furgeson, who is a paying customer. The clerk screams like a maniac and even assaults Furgeson, all because Furgeson was wearing a Trump shirt.

After the video went viral and several Patriots complained about the clerks behavior, he was fired.

Xhale City in Tucker, GA posted a statement to Facebook that the clerk has been fired.

The post reads:

To our friends and customers,

Tonight, we had an employee act improperly toward a customer. Xhale City does not tolerate this kind of behavior from its employees. When we identified the employee at fault, we fired him immediately. We’ve also spoken to the customer and apologized. We value our clients and treat them with respect and dignity, regardless of their political views.

See post below:

xhale city fires man.jpg

See video below:

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  1. 8:00 am: I made a snowman.

    8:10 – A feminist passed by and asked me why I didn’t make a snow woman.

    8:15 – So, I made a snow woman.

    8:17 – My feminist neighbor complained about the snow woman’s voluptuous chest saying it objectified snow women everywhere.

    8:20 – The gay couple living nearby threw a hissy fit and moaned it could have been two snow men instead.

    8:22 – The transgender man..woman…person asked why I didn’t just make one snow person with detachable parts.

    8:25 – The vegans at the end of the lane complained about the carrot nose, as veggies are food and not to decorate snow figures with.

    8:28 – I was being called a racist because the snow couple is white.

    8:31 – The middle eastern gent across the road demanded the snow woman be covered up .

    8:40 – The Police arrived saying someone had been offended.

    8:42 – The feminist neighbor complained again that the broomstick of the snow woman needed to be removed because it depicted women in a domestic role.

    8:43 – The council equality officer arrived and threatened me with eviction.

    8:45 – TV news crew from ABC showed up. I was asked if I know the difference between snowmen and snow-women? I replied “Snowballs” and am now called a sexist.

    9:00 – I was on the News as a suspected terrorist, racist, homophobe sensibility offender, bent on stirring up trouble during difficult weather.

    9:10 – I was asked if I have any accomplices. My children were taken by social services.

    9:29 – Far left protesters offended by everything marched down the street demanding for me to be arrested.


    There is no moral to this story. It is what we have become, all because of snowflakes.

  2. I completely sympathize with this poor man. I Had a customer come in the other day wearing the St. Louis Cardinals jersey with me being a Chicago Cubs fan I am merely pointed out how racist that sure was and asked him to leave the premises. Had a customer come in the other day wearing the St. Louis Cardinals jersey with me being a Chicago Cubs fan I am merely pointed out how racist that sure was and asked him to leave the premises. After some loud words eventually left all I would’ve done was call the police much earlier LOL

  3. This is THE EPITOME of ignorance. He is white trash at its highest level!!! I know SOOOO MANY SUPER EDUCATED (remarkably.. Some more so than myself!) African American friends and NOT ONE of my EDUCATE, hard working, and rationale black friends of mine, think or consider POTUS racist in ANY WAY, AND TO COMPLETE CONTRARY, they feel as a POTUS hes done FAR MORE at helping, bettering and doing for the African American community. (AND I QUOTE MANY OF THEM WITH THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT!) “HES DONE FAR MORE AND CONTINUES TO DO MORE FOR US, THE BLACK/AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY THAN ANY PRESIDENT IN ANY OF OUR LIFETIMES”. Its seems to only be low class, lazy, white or black trash, uneducated, unaware, and undriven folks, looking for a free ride or someone ELSES work, good ethics or dollars to live EASILY and have HANDED TO THEM, because of their SUPER DANGEROUS (YET SOOOOO FALSE!) sense of entitlement they all seem to share. What a shame for them and their children and their childrens children, cause one POTUS and the Qrew are done righting all (HOPEFULLY ALL!) wrongs this corrupt, lazy, evil, money/greed/power/sex hungry world we live in has been accepting and been being done BY the HIGHEST of ALLLLL HIGH of officials, government leaders, law enforcement, FEDERAL AGENCIES and even into Hollywood for sooooo long, all those luvibg in that sinful, sad, meaningless way of life and those that blindly accept it, and those too lazy to work or be driven in life for themselves OR EVEN thier babies, that have CHOSEN to blindly tyrn theor head to all these DAILY atrocities of daily life going on around themdone and made by themselves and many in positions of power, ALL IN THE NAME to CONTINUE their FREE DEM handout in return for them selling their souls by “staying asleep, for the free hand outs” given to all SHEEPLE. Once tge elite are stripped of their piwer and the SHEEPLE have no more “freebies” and are forced to think, learn and work for themselves ONCE AGAIN, like a NORMAL educated, non lazy, non- cry baby, non-selfentitled world SHOULDlive in… its goin tobe a CRAZY HARSH realitycheck and wake up call for the blindest of the blind!!!

    • Yes, He did not win the popular vote in 2016 & probably won’t win it in 2020 either. Not that Hillary was a good choice either …Just sayin…..

  4. How convenient for the liberal cause that FB has taken down the video of this nut job going crazy. If it was somehow a Trump supporter going crazy and acting the fool I’m sure it would be up for all to see. Double standard much FB? Pitiful!

  5. Employee was completely wrong but dont ignore the fact that the customer in the same breath said “do my bidding bitch” “i love you” “God bless you” brother if you truly are a believer read your bible. Galatians 5: 22-26. The left may have alot of looneys but the right sure does have alot of narcissistic and manipulative people.


  7. Oh yeah, and Jon you’re definitely one of those mentally I’ll Libtards. How long have you been a keyboard cowboy? I bet you have probably never said any of this to an actual combat veteran have you? And not the ones that stay in the rear with the gear type either, lol.
    We might seem like brainless killing robots to people like you but don’t be fooled. We actually leave the military with degrees or obtain them afterwards. But all of use definitely leave with one degree under our belts to start a new life after the military. And that would be a degree in whooping that ass. Now it’s not something we like to use often but when Democraps and Libtards like to throw violence and temper tantrum’s at us it comes in handy. There are a few that don’t like to use it just because they don’t want to be tied up in courts for ever. But there are those of us that are retired that don’t mind at all, lol. Hell it gives us something to do. However if we can actually have an intelligent conversation about all these topics, that would be best. He for hoping, cheers!

  8. Some of you seem to think if he owned the place he could have denied him service. But how did that work out for the guy that owned the bakery? The left and the right are getting so far out of hand it’s ridiculously. As a patriot you don’t have to like the person in office but you should damn sure respect the position. Because like it or not he/she is in there for 4-8 yrs. So grow up act like an adult. I know it’s hard for snowflakes to do that with all the violence and temper tantrum’s they like to have, but damn. Wonder why everyone can’t see the crooks on both sides. Especially with this new news with the GoFundMe money for the wall. Talking about how we can’t tell them how to use the money. Wonder if crooked Pelosi has anything to do with that. But again Democraps and Libtards trying to work the system to benefit themselves instead of all the Patriots that have earn all that money to help all the legal American Citizens. But that’s my 2 cents. Personally I think all the people that can’t work this out like intelligent people are wussies anyways.

  9. To Jon, you ALMOST had a point there (somewhere) until you misused your grammar, you fucking moron, you! How the hell is someone expected to at least respect your ability to form an opinion, if you fuck it up and change the entire meaning of what you are trying to get across by misusing punctuation? Oh, fuck it, you’re not understanding any of this, are you?

  10. Fuck you Jon. Go back to your echo chamber where you all believe to have this super special insight that’s lost on the rest of us.

    We know your type, you’re the robot, you’re the CNN guru, you’re the victim who’s shortcomings is always someone’s else’s fault, you hate American values, you hate American culture because for some reason or another you’ve been treated unkindly or unfairly.

    Life’s not fair Jon, it never will be, grow up, grow a backbone and move forward with something other than nearsighted hate in your heart.

  11. Jon it is not right to not be served because of race, sexual preference or religion. However it is not right what that guy did either. Just because someone supports the President does not give someone else the right to mistreat them. Everyone should be treated with respect. You should always treat others the way you want to be treated.

  12. Patriots?!? Trump supporters are not by definition a fuckin’ patriot!!! It’s not about supporting a stupid ass, maniacal megalomaniac!! It’s about the country and the people in it you fuckin’ brainwashed dipshits!! So it’s okay for a Reichwingnut store owner/employee to not serve someone because of their race, sexual preference or religion but when someone stands up too you willfully ignorant assholes they are wrong?!? The hypocrisy on the Reich never ceases to amaze me!!! Fuckin’ morons!!!

    • The difference here is, the employee was but an employee and as such, was a representative of the company they worked for. Had he owned the business, then yes, they could deny service. It doesn’t work the other way around.

    • Say’s the moron, getting triggered and posting hate…Jon, you need to take a good hard look at who the Anti-American hating, racist, intolerant, exclusive racists are…and that would be the Democrap Party. Grow up…and furthermore, take your fake labels, and fake outrage and stuff them up your hypocritical, mental arse!

    • Fucking Dems always crying when you don’t get your own way.All Dems hate this country you show it by backing Killary and the rest of the baby killers in this country! Hey Jon are you one of the fuck hard that doesn’t know if you’re a man or a women.Please don’t have any kids we don’t want to take care of any more retards you pussy

    • Jon you fucking retard..he wasnt standing up to anyone he was throwing a temper tantrum screaming like a little bitch just like all you snowflakes guys are so easy triggerits become a game for us when we are board and wanna laugh..and to compare anyone on the right to nazis is an automatic loss to you bitches..all you do is scream racist racist nazi nazi no facts ever then you run away with hurt feelings..and fuck yes most of your presidents followers are die hard patriots while the laughable left is full of commie bitches who want whos the patriots bitch?

    • Jon you really think that this person had the right to go off like he did just because a customer was wearing a shirt he did not like? And by the way most of our veterans support President Trump and all of our veterans are patriots. So yea in a way most Trump supports are patriots. I know i am i served and i support President Trump. What i really find funny about this is when we see stuff like this its always a Liberal losing control. I thought liberals were the accepting ones, accepting all cultures, races, sexes everyone and believing everyone has a voice? But all i see from liberals is how closed minded they are how they cant except anyone unless they believe like they do.

    • It is not okay to refuse service based on race, sexual orientation or otherwise. Whether you like that man or not, he is the President of The United States of America. Leader of the free world. As an American, that should at least hold some level of degree with you.

    • I am a conservative christian that did in fact happen to vote for Trump because he represented a change in congress that is bigger than whom is president now and because he is not a politician and because none of the rumors about him have come up able to be proven and have obviously been false since hes still our president. I am also married to a wonderful black man and have many gay friends and I absolutely despise any kind of racism or intolerance of human beings in general based on something like the color of their skin or their religious background. I do however make my decisions on how I feel about people based on how they treat others so I am guessing you and would never get along. But, God bless you anyway and I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous new year.

    • Act like an asshole get fired.An emotionally stunted bitch boy and get fired. Trump derangement syndrom. Textbook case.Sweet smell of capitalism. Jon .Chill out ok.


    • Well said Gretchen Clay. . Libturds and triggered snowflakes are held to different standards than other Americans, simply BECAUSE they’re brainwashed, globalist lackey sheeple. They claim I’m evil and violent because I’m a military veteran, yet they throw rocks, eggs, and offal at people wearing the American flag, they assault people with MAGA hats, they key the vehicles of those with Trump stickers. They need to be careful. The majority of literate, sentient Americans do not like the direction in which our country is going. Socialism is just a fancy way of saying “Wow, look how stupid we are to VOTE to lose our rights!”.
      The worst part about the incident is that these non-thinking drones feel they can do whatever they wish to someone who doesn’t think as they do, all while proclaiming to the world about how tolerant they are.

      • I totally agree with you Frank I often wonder how these week need liberal retards would like to be suddenly transported into the middle of Saudi Arabia and I have to live under their rules

      • Someone that thinks socialism is voting away their rights has no business voting. If you don’t like socialism, then never use police, firefighters, roads, USPS, or any of the other services that you tax dollars pay for. That’s how socialism works, you ignorant MAGAt. You idiots should add that T to your favorite catch phrase.

  14. They both are absolute idiots. The idiot Clerk should have called the cops right after the idiot customer refused to leave and had him arrested. They both come off as pathetic snowflakes. That’s why they took the video down. Both morons.

  15. I say freedom of speech. Trump doesn’t care who he slams. As ugly as this is getting, it’s only gonna get better when the Democrats take over the house

  16. Who cares about who supports who politics is just a huge waste of time it’s not my place to judge no one but let God be the judge of us all but the employee who went off over a trump shirt well it’s a dumb reason to get butt hurt but what happened happened it can’t be changed but rather may we all learn from this and become more wise in our time and judge no one unless be judged remember God is good but have fear as well cause sin is the death of us all and God don’t like sin remember Jesus loves y’all believe in Jesus for he is the only way to the Father who is in Heaven and if y’all are non believers the choice is yours to make but let me ask you this what do you believe in logic science theory cause I heard it all to me sound like a bunch of theory’s I don’t believe in chances or faith but rather God made created all you see and the thought of that how one super amazing great awesome God can create all you see but still doubt his existence but let’s say y’all are all wrong and the Almighty does exists then what what will you say to him when the time of judgement comes and you didn’t believe I say better have love and faith in God and Jesus Christ rather than none cause if you already don’t believe then what’s the harm in believing in them cause you only have one life why take a chance and risk going to Hell cause I wouldn’t wish that appon none of you not even my enemies so best to love all people of all different types just share the word of God and Jesus Christ so that way we can all have everlasting life and give praise to God and our savior Jesus Christ for there love for us All is Everlasting be grateful and humble above all else even if you don’t have the same view point we our a nation of many faiths yes but there is only one faith that our four fathers and original America has in mind In God We Trust we will be a Christinan nation that will try to spread the word and try to save as many of you as we can cause I don’t want none of you to go to Hell. Cause I want us all to rise together as we trust in God and give thanks to Jesus for dying our sins may we all strive to do better in our lives and be grateful remember the devil believes in you even if you don’t believe in him so don’t let him deter you from the truth of Jesus the truth of a God don’t believe all you see cause that was the fall of the Mighty Samson so respect and hold God law true to you… fellow loving neighbor

  17. Same problem in the UK. Jeremy Corbyn is a terrorist supporter, friends with the IRA and Hammas and probably ISIS. He hates the Royal Family and Jews, yet 50% of people want him to run the government. He is scum.

  18. Dude, seriously? Lol, had you swiped at me, the way you did that customer, I would’ve given you the most generous beating, you so justly deserved! NO one gives a flying flip, what your politics are when YOU work retail, YOU are a loser, deal w/it! & Oh yeah, don’t put your hands on people, LOSER!!!

  19. Can’t hold a job in a tobacco/vape shop. Tonight he’s back in mommy’s basement crying how it’s all Trump’s fault he’s unemployed…

  20. He was immature, not realizing his personal view should be left at home–that it doesn’t represent the view of his employer. This was so inept, he’s lucky because he could have been should sodomized.

  21. Just going to say the democrats who oppose trump are ignorant and the republicans that support trump are fools. Everything he’s doing is for the democrats, he is a N.Y. Democrat, he just handed the Democratic Party nearly full control of the house, he’s initiating the most stringent gun control since Bill Clinton, he’s pulling the troops out of places the democrats have been crying to pull out of for years, his entire agenda has been for the benefit and profit of the democrats, his next plans are to fully remove the first and second amendments and implement a total fascist regime of democrats. Fascism, is knocking at the door with assholes like this store clerk, followed closely by mass incarceration and genocide of American citizens, except it’s not knocking it’s kicking in the door like a swat team, as fascism has a tendency to do.

    • This would make your president Trumps father a racist and your president and employee to a racist company. Prime minister Trudeau’s mother was a whore that don’t mean that his wife is also a whore. Or that because Ronald McDonald was portraited to be a white ginger don’t mean the founder was racist lol

    • It wasn’t because they were black. It was because they were hood rats with no respect for his property, and cost him more in repairs then he was making back off of the properties. Accourding to people like you though, I guess if you are a business man who is taking a loss due to people destroying your investment, you can’t kick them out if they are black or you will be labeled a racist. Some people will believe the false over the reality when it serves the purpose of making them feel good about themselves and political affiliation.

    • Typical retarded liberal. Take things out of context and preach them as truth. Do you even know what racist means dumbass?

  22. I’m personally searching for this guy. I can’t wait to face him. He’s no American. He’s trash, never disrespect another being for their beliefs. P.o.s.

  23. I am in my mid 50’s and never in my life have I witness anything like I have these last 3 years. However, this video truly shows how unhinged these young Liberals really are. These people are not even embarrassed by their behavior! Videos like this are so commonplace these days. I do not recall ever seeing someone acting this way if someone was wearing an Obama slogan hat, shirt, etc. Believe it or not Liberals, the overwhelming majority of conservatives loathed Obama, I mean really, really disliked this man, but we simply didn’t act this way. We thought he was a spineless, race-baiter who catered to Terrorists, tried to hail in Socialism and had the MOST corrupt administration in history. But we still did not act this way.

  24. This dude showed a lot more restraint than I would have. Once that little pussy motherfuker swung at me I would have wrecked his day. He literally screamed like a little cry baby bitch

  25. Please tell me that I’m not the only one who would have walked around that counter and beat the mortal out of his libtard ass

  26. Here is a news flash. If you live in the United States of America that means Donald Trump IS your president. Deal with it. For 2 years we have had to deal with the ignorance. Know your facts, do not believe everything you see on tv. Google will give you all kinds of information, good, bad and ugly. Trump has a big mouth, not denying that. But he is NOT a politician. He IS a businessman. And believe it or not this country is a business. So from the business stand point he’s doing a damn thing. Politically he has the biggest balls of any president in my lifetime. #Trump2020

  27. I love the black guy chilling around not a fuck given in the world and he knew the employee is a crazy mf. He knows about T.D.S
    For pennies a day you can help find a cure to help people like the one shown in the video. Please dont delay. Donate to #FindTheCureTDS for more info

  28. I really Wish someone could just provide a single ounce of proof that Trump is racist. No one can though. Its false accusations. But hoestly that little boy needs some life lessons and not the kind you learn from behind a keyboard or a gaming console.

  29. Wrong . He has a right as a customer to by anything anywhere without prejustice . If he had assaulted me as a customer he would have went to jail or hospital . You don’t ask someone to leave because of there beliefs thats racism at its finest .

  30. I am anti-Trump, but the guy seemed like a nice guy, and gave the clerk every opportunity to ring him up and get him out of the store.

    Granted that Trump could admit guilt for everything he is accused of and his supporters would not even care ….ok nevermind…back to the issue at hand.

    I respect the clerk for his beliefs, but there is a better way to do it….actually the best way to so it would be to keep the politics out of the work place and take care of each and every customer equally and with respect.

    The gentleman wearing the Trump shirt…..I don;t know him, but he sis not appear racist in any way regardless of who he supports.

    Ok….I shall end this comment by doing an amazing impression of Rodney King “Can’t we all just get along?”

  31. Hahahaha, im surprised facebook hasn’t blocked this yet myself. I bet he screams like this at his mommy when he didn’t and still doesn’t get his way.

  32. In the clerk’s defense, capitalism requires consensual transactions on behalf of both parties. Dude should have left the store upon the second request, staying after being asked to leave twice is trespassing.

    Just go to the other douche vape shop in the next run down strip mall half a mile down the road.

    • Division? Obama did that from his first day in office. Who was president during Furguson? Baltimore? New Black Panthers blocking the entrance to polls with his support? Get real!

    • And Trump staged the writing of a bill that changes the sentencing guidelines for prisoners that helps blacks and minorities more than any other people and got both parties to pass it and he signed into law keep drinking the koolaid

    • Dude, try to pull that tiny head of yours from the ass of Obama, Clinton, Piglosi, Shumer, and the Clinton News Network, CNN, before you suffocate. It’s the afore mentioned and those brainwashed idiots like yourself that keeps us divided because you believe everything they say. In other words, you are too damn lazy to research and form your own educated opinions. You would prefer to have your opinions spoon fed to you by the afore mentioned. So until you take some time out of your pot smoking and do some reading, and at least show me that you tried to make educated, informed choices in forming your opinions, SHUT UP, GO BACK TO YOUR SAFE SPACE IN MOMMY’S AND DADDY’S BASEMENT, AND LET THE ADULTS HAVE A DISCUSSION. YOUR PANTY WAISTED, NUTLESS GENDER BENDING OPINIONS ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

    • But the division has been created by crybaby liberals and freeloading imbiciles who are pissed cause they wont get a free ride. Top that with the democrats fueling it cause it helps their agenda- divide, distract, disarm, and destroy.

  33. Long before he was president… Trump bought a country club because it had a a white only policy and you know why he bought it he bought it to open it up to all races… sounds like a racist man to me huh? Morons do some homework before you look like inbreed tards

    • He didn’t get enough likes and shares with his tofu sausage and fake eggs this morning! The poor little non gendered human stain needs some hot cocoa and an emotional support animal cuz he sure ain’t never gonna get a woman!!!! Spanky fix your man bun!

  34. Wow.
    I don’t agree with some of (key word some) of the trump supporters. When your on the clock hunny what other people wear or who they voted for doesn’t apply to you.
    Treat others how you your self would like to be treated.
    I’m going to assume that the clerk and I are close to the same age. And I have had clients who are Trump supporters.
    Do i agree with their opinions ?
    Do i lash out at them in such a child ass manor ?
    No ! I keep my opinions to my self and treat them like any other client.

  35. Wow.
    I don’t agree with some of (key word some) of the trump supporters. When your on the clock hunny what other people wear or who they voted for doesn’t apply to you.
    Treat others how you your self would like to be treated.
    I’m going to assume that the clerk and I are close to the same age. And I have had clients who are Trump supporters.
    Do i agree with their opinions ?
    Do i lash out at them in such a child ass manor ?
    No ! I keep my opinions to my self and treat them like any other client.

  36. In all my 70 years on this earth, I have never seen as much hate as I do today. That includes the name calling and totally disrespectful acts I endured when I was honorable discharged from the USN back in 1971. Is this still America or have the children taken over? I wasn’t happy when BJ Clinton won. Nor was I pleased when Obama nearly succeeded in destroying our nation. You lost the election. Get over it. But do you seriously think the nation is going to vote the way you want? You are not alone in your child-like tantrums. The DNC has wasted over 7 billion dollars to keep from giving Trump 5 billion dollars to keep ILLEGAL aliens out of our country. Is that mature thinking? I think not.

  37. Let see -time out, everyone gets a trophy, you are never wrong, express your feelings , no such thing as a loser, and throw a fit and then you’ll get your way! All they makings of a spoiled snowflake!

  38. They need to name and shame him. I don’t care if he walked in with a Trump, Hillary or Osama bin Laden shirt, business is business. Also, when he totally lost it and was screaming like a little girl, I sure hope his mommy was around to give him a hug and a Hillary hat.

  39. What a total stupid ass. He screamed like a little kid over a man wanting to buy vape juice that was wearing a trump shirt. I still get along with as well as have friends who have different opinions and viewpoints politically. In the end we need to respect each other regardless, this punk ass is an uniformed American idiot!!!!!!!

  40. The man should sue him for false statements saying that he was this and he was that he don’t even know him I would sue the punk and get his car and everything I could

  41. That Clerk is an idiot. A true form of hypocracy. People don’t realize that as much as he’s calling someone a racist, who BTW, never showed any sign of being one, he was being pretty prejudice over someone showing their supoort of someone he was against. Now truth be told, I’m not a Trump supporter, but I’m an American. And being American also means being respectful towards others. We are a country of different views, opinions, ways, etc. You want to have a different opinion than I do, you are FREE to do so my friend. I will respect it. This Clerk has no respect. I’m glad he got fired. He went off on a person based on his clothing showing his support for someone. That, my friends, is a prime example that you dont have to be a racist to be prejudice. He’s prejudice against those who have a different view than himself. And that’s NOT the American way.

      • That is true. We all have a right to our own opinion. When working with public you have to bite your tongue and smile. No matter what your beliefs are. Believe me I worked with the public for many years and boy was my tongue sore. 😅 Just have to smile and wait on next customer with a smile and RESPECT. I didn’t see video. I don’t know if was removed or what. Doesn’t really matter sounded like it was wrong. It’s sad this country can’t or won’t work together. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • Not mental illness just plain spoiled ass rotten thinks things should be his way or noway. Needed his ass whooped as a child.

    • I don’t get people it’s a hat and a shirt it’s cotton a fucking non breathing peice of material that has a name on it really gonna be treat someone different because of that wow what America has become so pathetic and stupid and all CHILDREN!!!!! You always where told fed you inner child and be a child but seriously people there is a difference in acting like a childing and being one. So again It’s a fucking shirt and a hat with letters grow up and live you life worry about yourself and your life not other people’s … me you’ll learn to enjoy life much better ok thanks!

    • Is it just me or do I hear the dude with the camera say the other dude was there first? So let me get this shit straight, he passed up the black dude that was there first and went to the white dude? Sooo… who is the racist? THE CLERK WENT TO THE WHITE GUY FIRST!!! Hypocrite

      • Yea, you noticed that, too, eh? The clerk was SOOOO freaked out by the Trump shirt that Trump Derangement Syndrome went full blown, that he forgot completely about the black customer even being there.

      • Sometimes i feel like im in an alternate reality when i see how crazy this world has holds values like i was taught growing up..accepting others and treat those like you wanna be treated..twilight zone lol

  42. The guy is an idiot. Didn’t deserve to be treated like that, but really? “I just want good healthcare for my kids.”
    How can people still believe that Trump gives a shit about “your kids”?

  43. Oh please .He was obviously hangry. I mean come on his poor mother didnt get up and fix his bowl of Wheaties. And did you see the clothes he was wearing ? I mean gosh he must of had a hard time putting them on after digging those rags from the dirty floor of the basement. So Let just all pray that he gets a trophy for at least showing up to a job where just any one can walk in and offend his right to a TRUMP free society.
    I suggest a Go Fund Me campaign be started so he can be sent to a more in tune to his beliefs country. Maybe Uganda Africa . Or South Africa….Im just say`n.

  44. Xhale i commend your quality service and how you handled the situation with the man who was a threat to your Customers i would be shopping at your place any time i come to Tucker Georgia Thank you for standing up .

  45. I’m actually very sad that he was fired. I was planning a trip to the store today with a small group of friends to see if we could make gingerboy cry. 😜

  46. Lots Trump haters cannot be reasoned with, as this video proves. They refuse to see anything positive the man has done, and let’s face it, he has done a lot of good things. My Roth was doing great. But, since the Democrats got power back, anyone notice how the stock market as fallen? They will sabotage EVERYTHING.

  47. All you trump supporters are fucked. I hate you all. Hire this man back! He was only being a decent person and having all things trump. You guys are the real turds. I hope you all rot.

  48. not every Liberal is like this. I have many customers who come into my store and wear Trump shirts, but I could care less what anyone wears. I actually feel sorry for this man, as he let a shirt determine his behavior.

    • Yea? The fact that you’re STILL a Democrat after all of this stuff that they have been doing for the last 15 years shows that no matter what you’re supporting everyone’s demise. Its typical of women though, there are more and more groups springing up talking about how when men fight their enemies and try and protect their country and culture the women bed them and breed with them. I’m not a woman hater but I dont believe women should hold positions of power that determine the fate of entire races and cultures because they lead more on feelings as opposed to leading by intelligence and strategy. Men try and protect their culture and dignity and their race and women just feel bad for certain people or think that they can somehow bring everyone together by opening the borders and everyone will sing kumbaya and world peace will happen but that will NEVER happen it’s in a humans DNA to protect their own race of people and stay amongst their own kind that’s why EVERYWHERE they push diversity there is more problems and people self-segregate and if you dont believe me go to ANY high school and walk into the cafeteria at lunch time and you will see blacks with other blacks, Latinos with other Latinos, etc. That special time of month can cause a LOT of problems with women as well and could kill lots of people because she may be irritated. There is only ONE woman in my life that I will TRULY trust and its definately not my fiance or a girlfriend, it’s my mother but my dad cant trust her. Women can be vile and vengeful and a lot of them will destroy anyone that gets in the way of their own vanity. I believe the feminist movement has done a HUGE amount of damage to the existence of human beings as a whole.

      • Pig. You make me embarrassed to be a republican. Why don’t you keep that pretty little mouth shut until you grow hair in special places and move out of your parents basement. Bitches get shit done no matter what time of the month, you c*cksucker.

  49. We all just need to get along reguardless of any differences people have, the powers that be want this from us…… divide and conquer is a reality. We need to all love one another and stop this madness before it’s checkmate. Peace and love to anyone reading this.

  50. Unfortunately, this is not the exception oh, I’ve seen it myself. This is what happens when you give an entire generation a trophy for participating , they never experience failure, they never have to deal with losing ,so when they do ,they have a temper tantrum. Imagine if there had been more than one of them in the store , there would have been a fight , and I imagine one of them would have gotten hurt.

    • Please don’t deem him mentally unstable. We will be paying for his sorry ass for the rest of our lives as he lives off of disability.


  52. That dude is such a bi**h I can almost smell his p***y.….. they wouldn’t post it the other way let’s see if they do this way…. Lol

  53. Demented Progressives like this miscreant is the reason we do not see a lot more Bumper Stickers, T Shirts, Caps etc. endorsing our Great President. Who needs the harassment and vandalism dished out by these Low IQ Democrat Socialists. The Media, and The Democrat Party are Supporting, and Endorsing this Criminal Behavior, they are also under estimating the Support for our Great President. God Bless President Trump.

  54. Unfortunately, the company deleted its facebook post. I recommend you contact the company directly to ask if they fired him.

  55. Do you think he’d act this way if he’d ever read a history book? After all the Democratic Party is histories true racist party. In the 20s or 30s if you told people you were a progressive liberal, they would call you a communist. Funny part is. The democrap Liberal Party have become communists.

  56. that dude is going to have that manly scream follow him around for the rest of his life…. I’m sure glad my stupid years happened before everyone had a video recorder on them…

  57. Nicely done. It is about time business stands up for what is right. We have seen too many of these go the other way in favor of the hater.

  58. This remote should just be eradicated from earth I dont want him breathing my air. These liberal crybaby ducks need to control themselves and keep the twisted rhetoric to themselves. I am so tired of racist this and homophobic that. GROW UP AND QUIT CRYING……TRUMP IS TBE PRESIDENT AND ONE OF THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!!! AND ILL GLADLY HUMBLE ANYONE IN PUBLIC ANYTIME.

  59. I sure as hell sent them an email letting them know how I felt. I could not post comments on Facebook due to me saying “POS ILLEGALS” on a post about the wall.

  60. Idiotsnlike this are why I carry my weapon. Individually they’re funny to watch, but in groups they become very dangerous. Once they get 5 or more together, someone is getting attacked.


  62. People grow up, whatever someone else wears is NONE of YOUR business! You don’t buy their clothes so keep your mouth shut. It kills me that these nuts think they’re important enough to open their mouth in first place. Nobody cares what your stupid butt thinks or likes. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “do I have on clothes to please everyone? Am I better looking then everyone else? I already know that anwser so stop looking at yourself like you’re better or have right to tell me or anyone else how to dress or who to vote for. Grow up and realize YOU’RE A NOBODY TO ME!

    • Debbie,

      It’s pretty rich that you’re flapping your mouth online about how people shouldn’t open their mouth. Let me guess, you’re part of the #metoo? LOLOL

      You’re a stupid cunt 😉

      Good day!

    • Okay. Debi, actually this person does have the right to object to someone wearing this shirt…but he still should have served that person since that is a retail store, and his job is in the retail business. Personally for me, when President Trump was elected, I lost my crap too. I know a lot of folks who did on that day. I didn’t vote for the man because of comments and how he spoke to other people during the GOP primaries, then into the debates with Clinton, and his entitled behavior.

      • You need to grow a pair and learn to be a man. Losing your shit over politics. Damn. None of them give #2 about you. They are all in it for the money and power. I’m embarrassed for you. You need to stay off line and thicken that skin.

      • No, you do not have a right to comment on anything a person is wearing unless the person is nude. Know your role and shut your hole!

  63. That was the lamest apology I’ve ever heard. One would think corporate would have been outraged at the ridiculous and disgusting way that customer was treated. Instead, their apology was short and scripted – I still wouldn’t patronize their business!

  64. Do You Know Someone Suffering From Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder (TURD)?

    TURD is a pattern of pathologically psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time.
    Sufferers of TURD often exhibit pronounced dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, rioting, and uncontrollable crying.

    Patients with TURD are very resistant to treatment, and dangerous in large groups. Any possibility of treatment requires that they be separated from their mob-minded support apparatus; they cannot possibly begin the process of accepting reality in the presence of encouragement towards complete unglued delusion.

    Separation may require the assistance of law enforcement.

    If you have a friend or loved one suffering from TURD, urge them to seek treatment. Together we can beat this scourge, and Make America Great Again.

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