Looters Arrested During California Fires

California has been affected by devastating fires that have taken the lives and homes of many. People have been burned alive while trying to escape the fires in their cars. 100’s of people are still missing. For the most part, people are coming together and helping any way they can, but there will always be some heartless people who take advantage of a devastating disaster. Six people have been arrested for looting in Butte County.

According to reports:

Jason Burns, 41, of Chico, and Michael Salisbury, 48, of Reno, were seen running into a house on Quail Run Drive. When deputies entered the home, the men were found in a bedroom where a .45 caliber pistol that was registered to a home in the evacuation zone was found along with meth and heroin. Authorities said a fully automatic AR-15 and several chainsaws — also suspected to have been looted — were found in the garage of the home and an ATV that had been reported stolen was parked outside.

The Sheriff’s Office says the home belongs to relative of Burns, who later told authorities they were not aware Burns was in the home. The owner had evacuated the home during the fire.

Burns and Salisbury were arrested on firearm, drug and theft charges.

Earlier Monday, John Brown, 38, of Oroville, and Teddy King, 27, of Paradise, were spotted by deputies within the evacuation zone. The two men were in possession of a laptop they did not own, as well as a ski mask and drug paraphernalia. Brown and King were arrested on drug charges.

In Chico, Shayne Tinnel Jr., 22, and  Tracy Sizer, 42, both of of Magalia, were stopped while driving a motorhome that had been reported stolen from within the Camp Fire evacuation zone. Tinnell and Sizer were charged with vehicle theft and looting.


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