Muslim Man Elected to Georgia State Senate

Sheikh Rahman (D), a muslim immigrant from Bangladesh, has been elected to Georgia State Senate, District 5. Rahman defeated incumbent Curt Thompson (D) in the Primary Election and he ran unopposed in the General Election. There were no Republicans running for this seat.

Rahman came to the United States in 1981 and became a U.S. Citizen in 1995.

Rahman has been involved in politics since he arrived in America. On his website it states:

From the moment he stepped foot on American soil, Rahman was involved in local politics. A college friend invited him to work on a political campaign for Charlotte’s Mayor, Eddie Knox, who was running for Governor. He continued to work on political campaigns but never thought of running for office himself, until he saw man with a “funny name,” educated in Indonesia, become President of the United States — Barack Obama.

After 2008, Rahman became heavily involved in politics, joining the NAACP, National Action Network, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Democratic Party of Georgia. In addition to serving as an active member of the Labor, Asian-American and LGBT caucuses, he is a SuperDelegate for the State of Georgia. He also serves as an advisor to the Alliance of South Asian American Labor.

Rahman is pro-illegals.

On his website it states:

We must create a path to citizenship for Georgia’s 400,000 undocumented immigrants and protect programs like DACA and TPS, which ensure asylum for people fleeing violence and political conflicts in their countries of origin.

Rahman is anti-guns and says he will work hard for an F rating from the NRA.

On his website it states:

Across America, citizens are saying: “Enough is enough!” with gun-related deaths. I will work hard to receive an F rating from the NRA. I will fight to strengthen background checks, raise the gun-buying age, requiring gun safety classes & testing before issuing licenses, make “bump stocks” illegal, close the “gun show loophole, repeal State Laws requiring police departments to re-sell confiscated guns used in crimes, and most importantly, fund research to study the causes of and solutions for gun-related deaths.

Rahman is endorsed by CAIR.

Rahman seems to be close buddies with Jesse Jackson. He has several photos of himself and Jackson together, on his Facebook page. Rahman also has photos of himself with Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, Donna Brazile and Chuck Schumer.

Rahman is the first muslim immigrant elected to Georgia Senate.

9 thoughts on “Muslim Man Elected to Georgia State Senate

  1. Great addition to an already crime-ridden district. The city of Atlanta is an infection in the State of Georgia that will only grow bigger and will soon overrule rural voters at the polls unless we do something.


  2. Congratulations Georgia on adding another criminal and religious zealot to control the sheeple! All through this past election I heard people complaining and whining about those “intolerant”, bigoted Christians. I haven’t heard one PEEP from ANYONE about Muslims clinging to their religion and guns. Or intolerant, bigoted Muslims. No-go zones, hijabs, madrassa schools, public beatings, and treating women as property are all part of the Islamic repertoire. Enjoy. By the way, did anyone but myself notice that ALL the people he took pics with are adversely involved with the law in one way or another?


  3. Not true
    This muslim was not legally US Elected

    to any of our US Lawmaking positions

    yet the liberal medias are silence how this other

    muslim are illegal positioned in our powerful

    US Lawmaking positions

    This really needs to stop immediately!!!


  4. What part of the 1st Amendment do you people not get? Do you just pick and choose what parts of the Constitution you want to follow? That’s not how it works.


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