Anti-Trump muslim defeated in Georgia Election

Bonnie Rich defeated Aisha Yaqoob in the General Election for Georgia House of Representatives, District 97. Rich received 13,484 votes. Yaqoob received 10,636 votes.

bonnie rich defeats aisha yaqoob

Aisha is the daughter of Pakistani immigrants.

Aisha founded the Georgia Muslim Voter Project in 2016. According to the Georgia Muslim Voter Project’s Facebook page, “The Georgia Muslim Voter Project aims to educate Georgia Muslims about civic engagement, registering new voters, and engaging the community through voting.”

Aisha is the Policy Director at Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta.

On March 24th 2016, the University of Georgia’s Amnesty International Group hosted an event called ‘Fight Night.’ Linda Sarsour was a speaker at this event. Aisha attended the event and was interviewed afterward. Aisha said, “I was blown away by the event. It was so great that Amnesty International was able to get Linda Sarsour to attend this event. It speaks volumes that a non-Muslim organization invited Linda to come speak because of how important it is for different groups to come together and fight for each other. The most powerful part of the event for me was hearing the stories from Linda and Raquel about different communities coming together and fighting for a shared cause, and sometimes not even a shared cause. The event only reinforced the need for collaboration and coalition building among different minority groups and reminded me that it is imperative for us to fight for others, instead of just our own communities.”

In 2017, Aisha appeared in an anti-Trump documentary called “The UnAmerican Struggle.” The description of the Documentary reads, “Bigotry is on the rise again in America, fueled by a President whose views are rooted in racism, misogyny, sexism, and xenophobia. His words and actions as a candidate, and now his policies as President, have breathed new life into an agenda of intolerance across the nation. This renewed struggle facing immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, black people, women, and transgender people is represented by frontline activist voices from the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Diversity Council, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Black Lives Matter.”

Aisha was endorsed by Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder.

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25 thoughts on “Anti-Trump muslim defeated in Georgia Election

  1. The election of November 6 , show that
    Georgia is a RED state, the blue wave was
    evaporated by the election of all the states
    Position by the Republicans, All the elected
    state position was winning by the Republicans

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  2. This is America, if you are unhappy with our ways then return to your own place of origin. We can bet if we went to your Country and raised gripes about the way it is ran, we risk getting our selves either put in jail or our heads cut off.

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  3. Trump does not and is not impacting my ideals that muslims have no right in our government. They are members of a deadly death cult of Islam. They want to infiltrate our government from with in and impose their evil vile sharia laws. The laws are anti-American and will pretty much destroy the civil right of every American. I refuse to be governed by satan worshiping muslims. They call their cult a religion we have separation of religion and state

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  4. Our country is a Nation under God and she is not legally sworn in by a Quran. This should be stopped right now. All should not be allowed to run for any office. Get them out!

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  5. Hooray for Georgia…now for the rest of the country to follow suit. BTW, I can probably come up with tar, feathers and rails to run them back to their own countries.


  6. Americans need to all wake up and keep these people out of our gov’t. The law should be that you have to be a natural born citizen to run for any office, from a little town to the higher gov’t.


    1. If, God forbid, they get into office, they should NOT be sworn in on the Quran, but on the bible. This is still a Christian nation no matter what Obama said.


  7. Important Things concerning the recent infiltrations of the Muslim religion, Mosques and Sharia Law…
    …Documented facts concerning Muslims…Non practicing Muslims are OK…problem is ‘all those that believe in the Muslim religion ‘ must also believe in Sharia Law (there is no separation)…the believers infiltrate with the non believers…and Mosques appear…and there is no reason for Mosques without the Muslim religion which must include Sharia Law (a destructive teaching to any nation)…there is no middle ground…but you will be made to think so…
    …About the history of the Muslim religion…(and why)
    Muslims originated from the 12th tribe of Israel (the desert tribe) …during the days of Abraham…they cursed god because he chose Isaac instead of Ismael as their king…then they departed from the Jewish nation…created a new god, raised up a false prophet…
    much later Muhammad (a real man) (AD 570-632) established Islam as a religion and wrote Sharia Law…The Muslim religion is based on their own changing of historical events from the bible…with no factual truth to back those changes…even claiming that Abraham once went with Ismael to worship the rock of Allah…and claiming that Ismael was chosen as king and not Isaac…this kind of thing that goes on and on…with no proof or documentation… meaning ‘of course’ that the Muslim religion ‘in truth’ is a fabricated Lie…created in revenge against God…beginning from the time of Abraham, Ismael & Isaac…Muslims still practice ‘Black Slavery’ in Saudi Arabia and anywhere else when possible…
    From Biblical Prophecy they (or those representing the Muslim religion) are known in these times as…The sign of the 6th seal…(which is death and destruction) from the book of Revelations…
    For the ultimate, factual outline of the Muslim Religion verses Christianity:…/


  8. Hopefully, the trend of defeating any Muslim who runs for any public office will continue forever. These America haters should never be elected EVER!


  9. The mere fact that she was backed by killary klington and heretic hold-her shows what kind of bullshit candidate she was!!!
    A LOSER!!!
    I would only hope that voters in her district see that she is against our President and defeat her everytime she comes out from under her rock and tries to get elected again!!!


  10. Good going, Georgia! You are batting 1000 against the left this year, with Abrahms losing at governor, this Moslem loss and the abortion bill which is driving liberals to a Jim Jones suicide pact!


  11. For a Muslim lady who has suffered FGM, and 20,000 of her Muslim lady friends suffer honor killings annually in Muslim countries and now, an average of 25 honor killings in the USA annually, she really said a mouthful against our US president. She may return to her special country and open her mouth just once the wrong way: honor killed by her Islamic men.


  12. No anti-American should be allowed to run for any office. America has gone berserk allowing anyone that is not 100 percent for America and its values to run for anything even for dog-catcher.


  13. forget all the things we try to do to cure cancer the longest we allow this people to enter our country they are the real cancer and president TRUMP is right to try to keep these evil trash out!!!!


  14. That election was much closer than it should have been. Wake up America these people are out to destroy us one way or another


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