JUST KIDDING! Our President is NOT a racist and here’s 10 facts that prove he’s not!

1. In 2008, Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew were murdered. Trump invited Hudson and family members to stay at his hotel for free. He made sure they were safe and taken care of. 

2. In 2001 Donald Trump dated a half black woman named Kara Young. Kara says she has never heard President Trump say anything racist.

3. Lynne Patton is an executive at the Trump Organization, and a friend of the Trump family. Lynne says the Trumps stood by her while she was struggling with addiction. Lynne says:

Like many Americans, I have struggled with substance abuse and addiction.
The Trump family has stood by me through immensely difficult times without hesitation,
nor concern for their own reputation by association. ‘
They continue to trust me with every aspect of their lives and the lives of their families.
They invite me into their homes and welcome me at their family gatherings

Lynne has recently been defending her boss, President Trump on accusations of him being racist.

4. Melissa Young, Miss Wisconsin USA 2005, and a Mother who has an incurable disease, received a letter from Donald Trump while in the hospital. Trump continued to check up on Melissa and her son. Melissa says that because of President Trump and his organizations her son will be taken care of when she’s gone.

5. Darnell Barton is A Buffalo Bus driver. while working one day, Darnell noticed a woman about to jump off of a bridge. Darnell stopped the bus, got out and talked the lady out of committing suicide. When Trump heard about this, he wanted to reward Darnell for his good deed. Donald sent him a check for $10,000.

Along with the check, Trump sent Darnell a note that read:
“Although I know to you it was just a warm-hearted first response to a dangerous situation, your quick thinking resulted in a life being saved, and for that you should be rewarded.

6. Clyde Frazier Jr. ran the Harlem Hoops tournament. He was killed in the September 11th attacks. Donald searched down Clyde’s family and donated money to keep the tournament going.

7. In 1982 Donald Trump gave a job to a Puerto Rican man who had been down on his luck. He says Mr. Trump didn’t just give him a job, he gave him a tool to help rediscover his purpose and to be an inspiration to his children. He also says Mr. Trump gave him a chance, that no one else would.

8. President Trump chose Ben Carson for United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

9. Donald Trump chose Katrina Pierson to be the National Spokeswoman for his presidential campaign.

10. Diamond and Silk became internet sensations during the Trump campaign. Trump spotted the women out during a rally and invited them on stage. They spoke on behalf of Trump at many rallies afterwards.


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