FLASHBACK: Jim Costa caught picking up hookers!

jim costa prostitutes

Jim Costa is currently a congressman in California’s 16th District. Costa is up for reelection.

In 1986, Jim Costa, than assemblyman, was cited by police after being caught picking up hookers.

In an article from 1986, it states:

Assemblyman Jim Costa (D-Fresno) has been cited on a charge of soliciting a woman working as a Sacramento police operative for an act of prostitution, Sacramento police say.

Officers said the legislator, driving in his state-leased car with a known prostitute, approached another woman and solicited her for an act of prostitution.

The woman Costa allegedly solicited shortly after the Legislature adjourned Saturday night was carrying a hidden police transmitter, police revealed Monday.


Jim Costa will face Elizabeth Heng in the General Election.

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  1. Why else do you think his types keep pandering for socialism? This is common place in socialist 3rd world places. Did anyone expect better of him? If, you think this is normal behavior, you may be a Democrat.

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