Obama endorses Trump hating muslim for Congress

Rashida Tlaib is a muslim palestinian woman running for Congress in Michigan’s 13 District.

In 2008 Tlaib became the first muslim palestinian woman to serve in the Michigan Legislature, serving 3 terms.

Tlaib is anti-President Trump and often speaks about impeaching him. During the 2016 Presidential Election, Tlaib and other members from a group called “Mom’s against Trump” attended a Trump rally to disrupt the event. Tlaib was escorted out of the rally after screaming at President Trump during his speech.

Tlaib is the mentor and best friend of linda Sarsour. 

Tlaib’s family was questioned after the 9/11 terror attacks.

Tlaib’s mother claims that Rashida will run for President in 2020. Her mother said that Rashida

detests Trump and that “God willing” she will defeat him and become the next US president. “She stood up to him during his campaign. God willing, she will do it again and win.”

Tlaib is endorsed by Barack Obama. Tlaib posted to a flyer to Facebook, inviting supporters to a rally Obama held, campaigning for democratic candidates in Michigan.

Tlaib wrote:

After you join me for the Fight Back! GOTV Rally with Reps. Dingell and Sanchez! THIS FRIDAY at noon, come on out to Cass Tech at 5:00PM to see President Barack Obama rally for Democrats up and down the ticket!

The day after the event, Tlaib posted a photo of herself, her son and Obama and wrote:

Adam met a compassionate president yesterday. I told Pres. that Adam wants to be a meteorologist. He smiled at Adam & said, “Well I would believe your forecasts.” The smile on Adam’s face was priceless. A Pres that helps our children believe! 2020 is not close enough

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