Anti-Trump Mayoral candidate in Denver suspends campaign!

Kayvan Khalatbari was a 2019 mayoral candidate in Denver, Colorado.

Kayvan is the son of an immigrant from Iran.

Kayvan is the co-founder of Denver-based pizza chain called Sexy Pizza. Kayvan is also the co-founder of Sexpot Comedy.

One of Kayvan’s priorities is establishing Denver as a sanctuary city.

Kayvan is anti-Trump and from the looks of his social media accounts, he is anti-America. Kayvan had photos of himself disrespecting the American flag on his social media accounts. After Kayvan was called out for the photos, he removed them from social media. But don’t worry, I have screenshots.



Recently, Kayvan took to Facebook to announce that he is suspending his campaign.

Kayvan wrote,

It is with tremendous sadness that I am ending my campaign for Mayor of Denver, effective today. For the past 18 months I have poured everything of myself into this campaign, as have countless supporters, all of us in the pursuit of a fair and equitable Denver. However, for personal reasons I must remove myself from this process to focus on my family and my personal health and wellness. I can not thank enough all the people who have been participants in building this movement, including those who have helped educate and inform me on Denver’s vast and vibrant communities and the many pressing issues we are facing.

I know we created a spark, and motivated others to get involved in this crucial time for our city. It is my hope that current elected officials, candidates and the residents of Denver will continue to listen to each other, to find common ground, and to work together, because we can’t resolve these issues divided. Denver has an exciting opportunity to engage in some very important conversations leading up to next May’s election. Even though I will not be continuing in my role as a candidate, I look forward to being a part of this dialogue, fighting beside you for the Denver that we love.


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