Abdul El-Sayed Launches PAC after failed Governor run

Abdul El-Sayed Launches PAC after failed Governor run

Abdul El-Sayed was a Democratic candidate for Governor of Michigan. El-Sayed was defeated in Michigan’s Primary Election.

After losing the election, Abdul launched a PAC that helps progressive candidates get elected.

On the SouthPaw MI PAC‘s Facebook page, it states:

Southpaw Michigan supports candidates and causes that move us toward a more just, equitable, and sustainable Michigan.

We are building on the movement that coalesced around Dr. Abdul El-Sayed’s historic run for Governor of Michigan – a movement of over 10,000 Michiganders knocking doors, making phone calls, and texting their communities.
We support people who stand up to corporate politics rather than play by its rules. We focus on down-ballot races in local communities across the State as well as statewide ballot proposals.
Our candidates and causes stand up to the corporate influence on our politics and support universal healthcare, full renewable energy and environmental protections, a livable minimum wage, labor rights, and full civil liberties that include comprehensive criminal justice reform, environmental justice, and LGBTQIA+ rights.
We believe that people – not money – win elections, and support candidates through grassroots organizing and fundraising support.

In an interview, Abdul states:

We set up an activist group called SouthPaw, which is an organizing PAC. We’re using the infrastructure and momentum that was built during my campaign and focusing it on helping [progressive] candidates in down-ballot races, as well as candidates who are active in their impact on things like state legislature. Of course, we’re focusing on grassroots activism too, and getting as many people to help bring change as we can.


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