Rashida Tlaib and Abdul El-Sayed Arrested During “Fight for $15” Protest

rashida tlaib arrested

Rashida Tlaib and Abdul El-Sayed were 2 of 18 protesters arrested during the “Fight for $15” protest for higher wages and union rights. The protest was held in front of a McDonald’s in Detroit, Michigan.

After police officers asked the protesters to move on the sidewalk, Tlaib and El-Sayed, along with others, ignored the police officer’s commands and remained seated at a table in the street. The protesters screamed as they pounded on the table, until officers arrested them for disorderly conduct.

Tlaib and El-Sayed, along with 16 other protesters arrested, were cited and released. They each face a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge.

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Author: Deplorable Kel

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8 thoughts on “Rashida Tlaib and Abdul El-Sayed Arrested During “Fight for $15” Protest

  1. And this is what Michigan wanted to vote in. Look at the others arrested. 300lb black (mostly female) and likely some trialer vermin. Mc D’s and other like places are a place to work while you’re in high school, not a CAREER by any standard. Like treacherous Hillary and Clrtez, Tlaib is using other “minorities” ( actually the majority in many many states) to get her 2020 election base put together. This worked really well for Hillary as we all know. Tlaib’s family was investigated for 9/11 attacks and remains on the terror watch list. How the hell did she become able to hold office?

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