Liberals freak out over Presidential Alert

Today, cellphone users Nationwide received a Presidential Alert to their cellphones. The message read: “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

Though it was announced beforehand that the text would be sent, liberals still lost their minds.

See some of their tweets below:
















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  1. Hahaha. Who gives two chits. Like other broadcasts of emergency systems, you can just f’n block the notification or turn it off.
    Democraps are such dumb gullible slimeballs. I’m all about it Trump, let’s all wizz in the dems cups and tell em its lemonade.
    Besides, how many of them have Facebook, Twitler and Google? Those companies SELL your information to lookup sites used by criminals and lawfully purchase your info without you knowing, the info for getting loans and credit cards in your name, and other illegal activities. And demtards worry about this! This is what they get all fussed up over! 😜 this is me laughing at you all.

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