POLL: Do you believe Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony?

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  1. This is a total set up hit job from day one! … The Machiavellian monsters go right for the heart of the lower emotional center, and drive their dividing wedge right in! … We’ve been played by these insider stooges who could care less about honor or the constitution. This has Bilderberg George Soros’s fingerprints and big bucks backing all over it. … I would believe that the pope was Protestant before I would believe her third rate try at acting! … And, that phony little baby girl voice just nauseates me to no end! … I’m not buying this for a second! … #JudgeKavanaugh 👀🎱🕵🏻‍♂️

  2. No she’s a lyer and a bitch. She was paid off by the crooked democrates. She will have to pay for what she did and so will the democrats.

  3. Dr. Blasey Ford from the beginning to the end of Ms Mitchells questions was all I had to hear. One Beer was the only question she had a answer for. Guilty of Purgery!

  4. This is a witch hunt and an attempt to pull Judge Kavanaugh from his nomination to the supreme court. SHE IS BEING PAID BIG BUCKS TO SMEAR HIS GOOD NAME.

  5. Not for a second do I believe her. She also perjured herself by saying she is a doctor. She is not and can be in real trouble in CA for say she is. She is not and never have been a licensened Dr. she has never taken her exames to become one. So right there alone she proved she is a liar. But as for her accusations, I believe she has never been sexually abused.

  6. No, I didn’t believe her regarding her attack. I think she she thinks it was B.K but really doesn’t know. To many unknowns.

  7. This is ALL orchestrated by the democrat party to influence the midterm election, and stop President Trump! It has backfired, the American people are tired of being lied to and manipulated!

  8. No way do I believe a highly educated senior citizen, specializing in child psychology, who testifies in a baby talk, wiggles around in her chair like a small child, and plays “pretty me” and-or “cutsy”.accusing a Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault 36 years before, as a juvenile.

    If I did, I’d question MY sanity. As it is, I absolutely question Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford’s!

    I do not believe her motivation was Brett Kavanaugh’s judge mother finding against the Blaseys in a court case. Dr. Blasey-Ford’s father was long ago and still is a CIA agent. He also allocated the funds to CIA Black Ops programs — you know, the assassin mercenaries’ Paymaster. And since her father knew the original Professor of Psychology, Dr. Megles, who had a hand at crafting the CIA’s MKUltra mind-control program at Stanford, where Dr. Blasey-Ford currently oversees that program at Stanford, it is highly probably her father put his daughter, now Dr. Blasey-Ford, into that mind-control program and now she’s a bloody mess.

  9. No I don’t believe Ford. Furthermore, I don’t believe she has ever been assaulted in any manner.
    Her body language and she lacked any mannerisms of someone traumatized. Ford has set out to get revenge for her family because Kavanaughs mother ruled against Fords for not paying taxes and they lost their home. It’s a revenge and Ford needs to be inside a prison for giving a false statement, slander and lying to Congress amd the FBI. 20 years should do it.

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