Jacksonville police arrest 3 men for looting store during Hurricane Florence

According to reports, Jacksonville police arrested 3 looters after setting up an undercover sting operation.

The 3 suspects broke into The Athlete’s Foot on North Marine Boulevard, stealing dozens of pairs of shoes and clothing. The men then tried to sell the items using the online app “Letgo.” Luckily, it was undercover police officers that the suspects were trying to sell the stolen items to.

Jalen Martin, 18, Nahriek Dorsey, 23, and James Brooks, 18, were charged with felony breaking and entering, looting, larceny after breaking and entering, obtaining property by false pretenses, injury to real property, and curfew violation.







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  1. Hasn’t anyone informed you folks it’s racist to post the full description of criminals? unless they’re white or consevative.
    In this country we let the criminals and accusors set the standard for what people will get in the news.

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