Looters Arrested During Hurricane Florence

Looters Arrested During Hurricane Florence

Police in North Carolina arrested 8 people for looting during Hurricane Florence.

Those arrested were:























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  1. People defending them should know that looters were stealing TV’s , Xbox and other non essential items. They deserve jail if they were stealing anything other then food or water.

  2. Each one should be required to pay back to the owner all the value of all the stolen goods and give up all government benefits they are receiving. These are disgusting pigs.

  3. While the logical response is Thou shalt not Steal, the compassionate side of me is saying who knows what was going through their minds under devastating circumstances. If you have children and knew that any moment everything you own is going to be swallowed up by mass bodies of water, would you steal to try to provide for them? Would you try to get clothes for them if all of there’s were gone? I know as a parent if that’s the reason they did it God would forgive them. I can’t imagine what I would do if I were poor and under these circumstances. What if we were them? What would you do?

    • I hear your logic but what do you then say to the hard working individuals who owned those items? Just curious, no judgement

    • I completely understand what you’re saying and love the fact that u can look at this with an open heart…but as a poor person who was just going through the same things they were as far as the storm and flooding I still find this wrong and believe they should be punished…they took the easy way out and robbed others instead of coming together as a family and/or community and getting through these struggles the right way…

  4. My business was hit by a tornado during Florence. I was looted for 90% of the equipment and tools from the shop and service trucks. A Colt 1911 and 2 bags of ammo we’re also taken. Havelock NC PD hasn’t even made this place a crime scene. Should I call the SBI or the FBI. Media?
    Thanks for the input.

    • I guess you can include your president because he been committing fraud for decades stealing from people even his own university was fake and he had to pay 2 million in 2016 but the American people like you elected a thief for a President but now you’re being hypocritical because it’s the majority poor black and a few white that was caught stealing. America was built up on thievery that’s why people like the President and Congress members have been doing it so eloquently for decades and centuries, hell you have congress getting ready to steal our SS and Medicare.
      In my book a Thief is a Thief whether it is these people or the President and people like him who blatantly steal for greed, at least these people were in the midst of a Cat. 4 Hurricane unlike the President who stole 20million from students with that fake Trump university and he has been wealthy all his life . Even as President he is still stealing taking my tax earnings and paying for the use of his personal properties.

      • Obama wasn’t wealthy when he became president, but by the end of his presidency he was wealthy. Michelle has 22 aides, to help her dress which is thievery from the taxpayers. President Trump is not stealing your tax dollars to fund his personal properties. Hate much!

  5. Not educated, won’t work bc of state aid. live in low income areas, but have $$ for wigs, mani & pedis. housefull of kids with no fathers…

    • obviously they can afford a wig from the rags sitting on their heads and for the mani pedi maybe you looking at another picture we dont see. What they arw showing are 8 dopes that decided to exploit a tragedy and steal. Anything else that you KNOW as a FACT for the indivuals listed please share . But no speculative dog whistles

  6. ALL stores – Walmart, K-Mart, Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc.- should band together in solidarity and refuse to let anyone caught looting shop in their stores. They would be reduced to having to ask friends or family to shop for them or having to pay someone to do their shopping for them.

  7. Honestly these people were looting not in a time of need just greed!! They seen their opportunity to steal from a place of business where there was no police readily available to arrest their ass… and I totally agree if they get any kind of government assistance food stamps welfare housing allowance anyting should be revoked and shouldn’t have to do a lot of community service Plus pay for all the damage and shit they stole

  8. Terminate all Government and State-funded subsidies, i.e. food stamps, housing, etc. until a mandatory 1 yr community service program has been completed.

    • Take away any government assistance for their lifetime. Why ever give it back. Maybe if they get a job when they get out of jail they will keep it.

    • This is sad these people just went through loosing everything they had no water food medication some lost there life if this was u and your gut has not been feed in days I imagine everyone of us would do the same thing so people need to stop running there mouth do u think they wanted this don’t u think if they might have had some money they would much better gotten out of there they or no one else ask for this no matter if they was rich or poor black or white sham on u

      • GTFOH, did you watch the video and see WHAT they were stealing? Please! I’m sure those cigs and electronics were what they “NEEDED”.

    • God Bless them. The Democrats in Washington steal so much every day from citizens of the USA, but people all over turn a blind eye and allow it to continue. How can you expect these folks to do any different with such lousy example from the liberals. If you can change your sex, kill your baby, commit treason against your country, [DOJ, FBI, CIA] then stealing from your local dollar store is understandable. People wake up, if you vote Republican in November, things will continue to get better and their will be no need to steal. Vote Democrate, continue in poverty. My opinion and I’m standing by it.

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