Grandson of Munich massacre terrorist is running for Congress in California

Ammar Campa-Najjar is running for Congress in California’s 50th District. Ammar will face (R) Duncan Hunter in the General Election in November.

In 2012, Ammar served as Deputy Regional Field Director for Obama’s reelection campaign. After the election, Ammar worked in the Obama administration as an official at the Labor Department.

Ammar is anti President Trump. Ammar says that if he wins, he will be President Trump’s worse nightmare. Ammar wrote on Facebook:

…I’ve served in Washington, confronted Trump and lived to tell it.

If you send me back, I’ll be Trump’s worst nightmare: the first Latino-Arab American elected to congress in the Trump era.

Ammar’s grandfather, Muhammad Yusuf al-Najjar also known as Abu Youssef, was a member of the Palestinian terrorist group Black September, which took eleven Israeli Olympic team members hostage and killed them in 1972. Muhammad Yusuf al-Najjar helped mastermind the terror attack, known as the Munich massacre. Al-Najjar was assassinated for his involvement in the massacre.





25 responses to “Grandson of Munich massacre terrorist is running for Congress in California

  1. Muslims don’t belong in America much less political offices. There is no such thing as “islamiphobia” because we aren’t in fear of islam. What we want and deserve, is an American lead government not of foreign descent that has vowed to end western civilization. Islam is a people of deceit, violence and founded by a murderer and swore to convert the world to Islam by bloodshed.


  2. “Manifest Destiny” – Islamic style! Islamic Ideology has always to “Rule the World…” Muslim men and their “Wives” can easily out populate the Europeans within three generations (experts believe two will do it) and democratically “ELECT” followers of Islamic doctrine – and “OWN” Europe… (The new Domino theory) The legitimately elected mayor of London – a devout Muslim – told his constituents they’ll have to “Get Used to Terrorism” it’s a sign of the times… This from a man that follows Islamic Doctrine and the Koran “REQUIRING” ’em to “Kill the Infidel” – those who refuse to “convert!” So then, blindly ignoring the facts will result in the destruction of Free People throughout the world – unless people wake up and understand the threat posed by Ideology that intends to destroy civilization…jcg


    • You truly “hit the nail on the head.” What amazes me is that everyone doesn’t see the truth. “There’s none so blind as those who will not see.”


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  4. We will be taken over by Muslims, Sharia Law and the Quoran from within our OWN borders if the American public don’t wake up and stop the insanity!


  5. I wonder if all those people who think ALL Whites today should be held accountable for those who owned slaves 150 years ago, think this guy should be banned from running for office because of his grandfather’s actions. Hmmmmm….. 🤔


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  7. islam is at war with the world.islam is not a religion,its an idealogy where all non muslums the unbelievers,or the infidel are to be converted or killed/ this muslum terrorsits iiman omar who put her hand on the koran not the bible.and she,s from of the worst muslum terrorsits countries,where sharia is practiced,don,t trust any muslums they are here to infiltate and dominate the world.look what these muslum have done in germany france italy australia and the the book the muslum mafia.and lookat dearborn michigan,which has a large population of muslum animals,who will not assilate or abide by anyone,s laws,but there sharia garbage.wake up americans.this is how these muslum terrorsits will infiltate and then try to destroy the world.don,t trust any muslums.there sharia is not compatible with the constitituion,and our laws. go trump


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