5th Grade Teacher Caught Making Racist Comments On Social Media

By now, I’m sure everyone’s seen the video from 4th of July, where an entitled woman named Kam Porter thought she didn’t have to obey pool rules. When Kam was confronted by the property manager, Erica Walker, instead of complying with pool rules, Kam videotaped the incident and posted to social media, claiming that the Ms. Walker is racist. Since posting the video, Ms. Walker has been fired from her job and the left is screaming racism.

The problem is though, Ms. Walker never said a racist thing during the incident. The only people who are bringing up race, are Kam and her friends. In fact, if you read the comments on Kam’s video you will see 100’s of racist comments towards white people.

After commenting on Kam’s post myself, I received a hateful message from one of Kam’s friends. The woman, De’ashley Rainey ranted on about how Kam is right and that Ms. Walker is racist and should buy her own pool to be away from blacks. Ms. Rainey ended the conversation by calling me a redneck. It turns out that Ms. Rainey is a 5th grade teacher at Desoto Central Elementary School in Mississippi. I sure hope Ms. Rainey doesn’t make racist comments towards her students, like calling them rednecks.

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