Somali refugee seeks seat in Congress

Jamal Abdulahi is a Somali refugee seeking election to the U.S. House to represent the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota.

The seat is currently held by Keith Ellison, but earlier this month Keith announced he would not be seeking reelection, but instead he is running for Minnesota Attorney General. There are 8 candidates seeking the seat, 2 of which are Somali refugees.

Jamal has stated that he will be a leader in resisting President Trump.

On Jamal’s website it states:

A refugee from Somalia, Jamal Abdulahi is a Minnesota success story only Donald Trump could object to. A father of four girls, Jamal is an engineer and DFL leader who has the stature to stand up to Donald Trump and the strength to fight for our values.

The Stature to stand up to Trump

Jamal knows refugee and immigrant rights are a matter of life and death and a source of American strength. He will stand up to Donald Trump and fight for our values.

Fighting for working families

Jamal had many blue-collar jobs. As a DFL leader, Jamal has been fighting for working family’s right here in Minnesota. In Congress, Jamal will work for a $15 minimum wage indexed to inflation and fight against laws designed to take away collective bargaining rights.

Standing up for women

The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress are waging war on women’s healthcare. As a husband and father of four daughters, Jamal will fight for women’s healthcare, equal pay and stand up for Planned Parenthood.



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