Illegal alien kills 14 year old boy

Illegal alien kills 14 year old boy

Justin Lee, a 14 year old Freshman at Walled Lake Western High School in Wixom Michigan, was killed by an illegal alien after a hit and run.

Justin was known for being kind and helping others. Justin was the type of person who would stick up for his friends if they were being bullied. A kind hearted boy, that was taken from this world too soon.

On June 11th, Pattie Warner-Lee, Justin’s mother, made him something to eat before he headed out to return a friends bicycle. Justin kissed his mother on the head and told her he loved her before leaving the house. Little did Pattie know, that would be the last time she’d see her son. Shortly after leaving the house, Justin was ripped away from his family at the hands of an illegal, a person who should have NEVER been in America in the first place.

As Justin rode his friends bicycle, he was struck by a blue Honda Odyssey minivan that immediately sped away. The driver of the minivan was speeding and driving on the wrong side of the road when the crash occurred.

Miguel A. Ibarra Cerda was arrested the next day. He is being charged with reckless driving causing death and leaving the scene of fatal accident in the death of Justin Lee.

According to Detroit news:

The suspect vehicle was later recovered at a Wixom mobile home park and its driver, Cerda, was identified through tips received after police viewed video recordings that showed Cerda leaving the area in a vehicle driven by another man.

“We held a press conference and that other man contacted us and said he knew where Cerda was,” said Wixom Police Chief Ronald Moore. “He (Cerda) had called the man and said he had been involved in a crash. He didn’t tell him anything more.

“The man didn’t commit any crimes and was stunned to hear of the death,” said Moore.

Cerda was arrested without incident in Lansing on Tuesday, less than 24 hours after the police press conference.


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