Family ripped apart by illegal alien who was previously deported at least 2 times

On May 27th 2018, the Baez family headed out to the movies. Dad, mom and two daughters spending a Sunday evening together…when all of a sudden their family was ripped apart by an illegal alien.

The Baez family was stopped at a stoplight on the way to the movies when  27-year-old Edy Lopez-Hernandez, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, crashed into them going 70mph, never hitting his brakes. According to reports, After the crash Lopez-Hernandez attempted to flee the scene. He grabbed his two-year-old out of the car and ran down the street before someone stopped him.

One of the daughters, 17-year-old Britney Baez was killed in the wreck. Britney’s sister, Nicole, suffered a fractured arm and their father, Mario Baez, was in ICU, in a coma until he passed away two weeks after the wreck.

Investigators say Lopez-Hernandez was on  drugs at the time of the crash.

Lopez-Hernandez has previously been deported at least two times, some reports say three.

Where is the outrage for this family? A family that was on their way to the movies and had their lives ripped apart by an illegal alien who was never suppose to be in America in the first place!

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