Man Assaulted at Gavin Newsom Event

Ben Bergquam with Frontline America and a few other Patriots showed up outside of a meet and great held by Gavin Newsom in Fresno Ca. Ben was peacefully video recording the outside of the event when a few men started demanding that he leave. Ben informed them that it was a public event and that he had every right to be there. Next, the men started pushing Ben and I believe one even kicked him. One of the men stole Ben’s sign and sunglasses.

Not only was Ben assaulted but another patriot, Hendrik Eddie Block, was refused entry even though he RSVP’s and had a ticket. Eddie is in a wheelchair. He was told they were at capacity but after telling Eddie this, about 10 more people were allowed in, while Eddie remained outside. Why was Eddie refused entry? Are they discriminating against disabled people?

Another Patriot, Gina Portillo, was threatened that her car would be towed if she did not leave.

Ben posted a video of the incident on Facebook and wrote:

Gavin Newsom comes to Fresno. The blood of Kate Steinle and every American Citizen killed because of Sanctuary Policy is on his hands!

The hypocrisy of the left is amazing: they threaten and try to intimidate my friend Gina who happens to be a Hispanic female, then the union President and one other assault me, steal my sign and my glasses, and if that wasn’t bad enough they discriminate against Eddie who’s in a wheelchair and deny him entry to this public event that he had registered to attend! Don’t let them deceive you, this is what the leftist Democrats truly are!


There you have it, the typical behavior of the left. Disgusting.


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