Illegal who was previously deported twice kills Texas teen in fatal crash

According to reports, 27-year-old Edy Lopez-Hernandez, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, killed a teenage girl in Houston Texas, after crashing into the families car. The young girl who died was 17-year-old Britney Baez. Britney’s sister, Nicole, suffered a fractured arm and their father is critically injured and is still in the ICU.

The family was stopped at a red light on their way to the movies last Sunday, when Lopez-Hernandez crashed into them going 70mph, never hitting his brakes. According to reports, After the crash Lopez-Hernandez attempted to flee the scene. He grabbed his two-year-old out of the car and ran down the street before someone stopped him.

Lopez-Hernandez has previously been deported twice.

Investigators say he was on drugs at the time of the crash.

He is now facing four charges, including murder.


Author: Deplorable Kel

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