California Voters Removed From Voter Rolls

During the 2016 Presidential election, there were a number of registered voters in California who were mysteriously removed from the voter rolls. It seems the same thing is happening with our midterm election. I know of six different people who say they were indeed registered to vote but after checking their status, they found they are no longer registered. I am not sure why this is happening, but my only guess is it’s another attempt by the left to rig our election. Let me point out, everyone who was removed from the voter rolls is a republican. I have yet to hear of this happening to a democrat.

It is very important to double check your voting status, even if you know you are registered, double check! You can check your status here –¬†

Important dates to remember:

May 7, 2018
First day to vote-by-mail

May 21, 2018
Last day to register to vote

May 29, 2018
Last day to apply for a
vote-by-mail ballot by mail

June 5, 2018
Primary Election


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