Pregnant Woman Attacks Woman Holding Child

A video surfaced on social media of two women attacking two other women, one which was holding a child in her arms. In the video, the woman holding the child falls to the ground, covering the child’s head, as she is being punched by the attacker.

Apparently the incident took place in the parking lot of Family Dollar in Schenectady, NY.

See video below:





After the video went viral, Aneisa Woodcock made a Facebook video not only admitting to being one of the attackers but she also admits that she was five months pregnant at the time. So not only did Aneisa endanger that child in the video, but she also endangered her unborn child.

Aneisa claims that the woman holding the child spit on her and that’s why she attacked her. I find it funny though, that part is not on video.

In Aneisa’s video, she shows no remorse for what she did, in fact, she even calls the child a “Little mother f*cker.”


See Aneisa’s Facebook video below:





Along with posting the Facebook video, Aneisa also made other posts where she mentions the incident. In one of her comments she says, “F*ck her n her son I ain’t even touch the lil boy not once.”

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In another post, Aneisa threatened to show up at the house of the woman who uploaded the video to Facebook. The woman who uploaded the video was apparently a witness to the incident but after threats from Aneisa, the woman either deleted the video or made it “friends only” on her Facebook.

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While the video was up, Aneisa was asking friends to report the video and asking people not to share the video. She was clearly afraid of charges being pressed against her.


After the video was taken down, Aneisa was laughing about the incident. She posted two selfies to Facebook and wrote, “My kids dad asked me how does it feel to be hated by half of the world (sparks blunt) feels great we laughed


It appears Aneisa thinks she’s in the clear because the original video was taken down.  I don’t think Aneisa realizes that once something is on the internet, it’s there forever. I also don’t think she realizes that multiple people have sent the video to Schenectady Police Department. I have a feeling Aneisa wont be laughing for long.

This article will be updated when more information is available.

2 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Attacks Woman Holding Child

  1. “hated by half the world “…..
    see THAT is a mental issue ! You dont even know HALF YO FAMILY ! talking bout some half the world on ya team….really? This is jail time…prange suit wit a baby bump fa summer….dumb ni……mess here. Get an education. Get a career. Get a vacation . Get a portfolio. Get better ppl…what ? Wakanda dun wore off already!???


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