John Cox caught covering up lies

John Cox, republican candidate for Governor of California, has been flip flopping back and forth on whether or not he is for or against the border wall. In January, Cox told Univision that he was against the wall, but Cox tells others that he’s for the wall. 

During an event with both republican candidates, John Cox and Travis Allen, Allen brought up the Univision article, after Cox claimed to be for the wall. Cox replied to Allen, claiming the writer of the Univision article made a mistake.

First off, if it were a mistake, it would have been fixed. The writer wouldn’t have left it up if it were a mistake. Second, John Cox published the Univision article on his very own website! Cox even had the article translated to English. It clearly stated on Cox’s website that he is AGAINST the border wall. If it were a mistake, Cox wouldn’t have published it on his site.

Finally, people have their answer and the proof is right on his website….Or it was.

After several Travis Allen supporters pointed out that Cox’s website admits he’s against the border wall, the Univision article was deleted from Cox’s website.

Once again, Cox is deleting information in hopes that people do not find out the truth. Kind of like when people comment on his social media accounts about him voting for Gary Johnson or that he donated to George Soros, Cox deletes those posts and bans people from his page.

Cox sure likes deleting information, doesn’t he? Remind you of anyone?

Vote wisely!




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