John Cox Flip Flops on Border Wall

John Cox, a Republican candidate for Governor of California, can’t seem to make up his mind if he is for or against the border wall. John Cox voted for open borders Gary Johnson in the Presidential election, not Donald Trump. Cox has spoken out against the wall in the past, but lately he has been telling people that he is for the wall. But while talking to Spanish crowds he gives a different story. In January, John Cox told Univision that he is against the border wall.

In the Univision artilce, it states:

Tampoco está de acuerdo en la construcción de un muro fronterizo y asegura que él sí está decidido a “limpiar el establo” en Sacramento, lo que Trump no ha hecho en Washington DC.


He also disagrees with the construction of a border wall and says he is determined to “clean the barn” in Sacramento, which Trump has not done in Washington DC.

I recently met John Cox during one of his press conferences. I asked John Cox about the Univison article and specifically asked him if he is for or against the border wall. John Cox refused to answer my question.

Is this who you want as your next Governor? If you want to continued to be lied to, vote for John Cox. He’ll be no different than Jerry Brown. If you want change, vote Travis Allen!

Vote wisely California!



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