Sheriff Lombardo Holds Press Conference On MS13 Killing Spree In Las Vegas

Yesterday, I reported on MS13 being on a killing spree in Las Vegas. Laura Loomer originally broke the story over the weekend.

Today, Sheriff Lombardo held a press conference about the murders. During the press conference, Sheriff Lombardo said there have been at least 10 murders in Clark County by MS13 in the last year. 2 of the murders were in 2017 and the other 8 were in 2018. All victims had been shot or stabbed multiple times. According to Lombardo, 5 MS13 gang members have been arrested. 18 guns which all were stolen except 1 have been recovered. LVMPD is working with the FBI, the U.S. attorney’s office and law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles and Fresno, California in the investigation.

Watch Press Conference below:

Clark County sheriff announces arrests in 10 homicides tied to MS-13 gang

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