MS13 On Killing Spree In Las Vegas…MSM Silent

According to Investigative Journalist, Laura Loomer, MS13 is on a killing spree in Las Vegas. Laura reports that at least 6 dismembered bodies have been found in the desert area on East Lake Mead Blvd headed towards the lake. According to Loomer, one of the victims had their heart cut out while still alive.

Laura reports that Sheriff Lombardo has asked the media not to report on this.

Laura tweeted:

SCOOP: Source within @lvmpd telling me 6 dismembered bodies have been found in the desert area on East Lake Mead Blvd headed towards the lake! LVMPD has determined that MS13 is responsible. Source tells me @SheriffLombardo does NOT want this reported because of his re-election

In another tweet she wrote:

Source tells me the most recent victim found had their heart cut out while they were still alive and that Sheriff Lombardo said he doesn’t want #LasVegas public knowing that under his watch MS13 gang members have infiltrated the city & are murdering people. LV local media silent.

In Laura’s third tweet, she wrote:

I’m told ANOTHER BODY was found this morning. @SheriffLombardo is more worried about getting re-elected than informing the #LasVegas public about the growing threat of MS13 terrorists who are currently on a killing spree in NV. He told @LVMPD to not speak to Media about this.

Laura tweeted again, questioning why the media is not covering this story:

How come the local #LasVegas media hasn’t reported this? Why are they helping @SheriffLombardo cover up MS13 infiltration of Las Vegas? There needs to be a full blown DOJ investigation into the corrupt and incompetent @lvmpd.

See tweets below:

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