Kyle Kashuv Challenges Cameron Kasky To Debate

Yesterday, Kyle Kashuv challenged foul mouth David Hogg to a debate. Hogg has yet to respond to Kyle’s request. I’ll assume he’s afraid because during a debate you have to have actually have facts. You don’t win a debate by cursing, threatening people and screaming. And that seems to be about all Hogg knows how to do.

Today, Kyle challenged another Parkland student, Cameron Kasky to a debate.

In a tweet, Kyle wrote:

@cameron_kasky said, “I think that’s the most pathetic thing I’ve seen out of this… They can’t attack our argument, so they’re attacking us personally.”

Happy to debate you live tomorrow so we can dissect each other’s arguments. Interested?

No personal insults allowed here

Will Cameron respond or will he ignore Kyle’s request like Hogg has?

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