Californians Ask Newt Gingrich To Withdraw Endorsement From Cox And To Endorse Allen

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Californians have been working tirelessly to take this state back from corrupt politicians. We’ve watched as this once beautiful state has become overran with illegals, criminals and drug use. Many people have gave up and moved away. And those of us still here, we realize the upcoming Governor election is our last chance to save California.

Finally, we have a candidate who will put citizens before illegals. Who will protect our rights. Who will put law and order back into this state. Someone who will make this once beautiful state, beautiful again. That man is Travis Allen. He is California’s last chance. We the people of California, know this.

Which is why when Newt Gingrich endorsed John Cox, the RINO candidate, Californians everywhere spoke out. 100’s of people are asking Mr. Gingrich to withdraw his endorsement from John Cox and to endorse the only true Conservative candidate, Travis Allen.

Newt has yet to withdraw his endorsement. But we the people of California have made it clear who we want as our next Governor!


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