Californians Ask Newt Gingrich To Withdraw Endorsement From Cox And To Endorse Allen

Californians have been working tirelessly to take this state back from corrupt politicians. We’ve watched as this once beautiful state has become overran with illegals, criminals and drug use. Many people have gave up and moved away. And those of us still here, we realize the upcoming Governor election is our last chance to save California.

Finally, we have a candidate who will put citizens before illegals. Who will protect our rights. Who will put law and order back into this state. Someone who will make this once beautiful state, beautiful again. That man is Travis Allen. He is California’s last chance. We the people of California, know this.

Which is why when Newt Gingrich endorsed John Cox, the RINO candidate, Californians everywhere spoke out. 100’s of people are asking Mr. Gingrich to withdraw his endorsement from John Cox and to endorse the only true Conservative candidate, Travis Allen.

Newt has yet to withdraw his endorsement. But we the people of California have made it clear who we want as our next Governor!





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8 thoughts on “Californians Ask Newt Gingrich To Withdraw Endorsement From Cox And To Endorse Allen

  1. I’m with them. I want Allen like the rest.
    He is the best choice to fix California. Please help him get known. I am a Californian.


  2. Please correct your endorcement of Cox to Travis Allen. CA is a paradise for the democrats. I’m a native and all I see is our govenor protecting illegals and this sick sanctuary state. Us deplorables have had enough. The majority of us want Travis Allen. Please stand with us. This is our last opportunity to fix this broken state.


  3. TRAVIS ALLEN is California’s only choice. He initiated the Original Gas Tax Repeal. He is the only one who stood up for President Trump….Cox was silent. Travis Allen fought Sanctuary State from the beginning. Travis Allen appeals to every age group. He is the only one that can win.


  4. Newt, please reconsider your endorsement of John Cox, and change it to Travis Allen. California does not want another Rino in office. Travis Allen has been fighting for California long before his run for Governor. We need a strong Conservative who doesn’t waver on the issues. John Cox ran as a Progressive Conservative, and he didn’t even vote for President Trump, we don’t want anything to do with Progressive, that’s what we have now, and we want change. Help us win in California by retracting your endorsement, and help us that live in California, we want Travis Allen to represent us.


  5. Newt,
    I bought your book, Understanding Trump, and I also receive your emails. I cannot believe that you are supporting John Cox. I know he helped with your campaign, but he is a 4 time political loser. Not only that, but he did not even vote for Trump, the man that you have supported. What is up? The only thing I can come away with is that he is buying you off as he has with many other relationships. Travis Allen has the popularity, 5 point plan for California and a social media, revolutionary army that is throughout ALL of California. Focus on a winner: TRAVIS ALLEN!
    Juliana Reasor


  6. Newt doesn’t know anything evidently about Cox. Time to get informed Newt and throw your support to a true Conservative – Travis Allen !


  7. Gingrich endorsed a Chicago politician; then President Trump did the same.
    I have a suspicion that Cox is in it to LOSE it so Newsom can win.
    Another back room shady deal? I know Travis Allen should have won!
    I am disillusioned!


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