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Kyle Kashuv Challenges David Hogg To Debate

Kyle Kashuv is a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, but unlike David Hogg and the other CNN puppets, Kyle hasn’t been paraded all over the MSM. Why would the MSM not want to hear Kyle’s view on things? I’ll tell you why. Because he’s pro 2nd amendment. He doesn’t want to ban guns like CNN and some of the other Parkland students.

Kyle has spoke out in disapproval of David Hogg many times on Twitter. And today, Kyle challenged Hogg to a debate. Hogg has yet to respond and I doubt he will. It seems all Hogg can do is read a CNN script, curse, yell and scream for gun control. Kyle on the other hand is a well educated young man. I doubt Hogg would stand a chance in a debate with Kyle, and I think he knows that.

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