Muslim Convert Running for Seat in Arizona House of Representatives

Johnny Martin is a muslim convert running for office for Arizona house of representatives for district 25. Martin is a 24 yr old activist. Martin has volunteered and advocated for DACA and Black Lives Matters.

On Martin’s Facebook page, it states:

Johnny Martin is a student at Arizona State University studying Religion, Public Life and Conflict. He is a proud product of AZ’s public school system and believes that a free and quality public education should be accessible to all of Arizona’s children.

Martin has worked as an activist and community organizer in the valley for several years, volunteering and advocating for a range of causes including Save Our Schools, DACA/DAPA, Black Lives Matter, LGBT rights, and more. He founded a group at ASU called “Sun Devils Are Better Together,” the first interfaith student organization at America’s largest university that brings people together across lines of difference to find common ground and to work cooperatively on solving local issues.

Johnny serves on the board of directors for two statewide interfaith organizations, the Arizona Interfaith Movement (AZIFM) and the Arizona Faith Network (AFN), as well as on the North American Leadership Council for the global United Religions Initiative (URI). His family moved to Arizona from Chicago in 2005, and have been renting property in Mesa since losing their West Valley home in the housing crisis due to bank fraud.

Martin is running to give a voice to the marginalized and ignored communities living in his district (LD25). He plans to pass a fully inclusive, statewide non-discrimination ordinance as well as a law banning private prison contracts in Arizona once elected.

Martin speaks out against President Trump and makes it clear he does NOT support our President.  According to reports, Martin has spent a lot of time protesting President Trump. In an article from, it states:

A 24-year-old student at Arizona State University has been busy staging a one-man protest against Donald Trump. Johnny Martin, who studies Religion, Public Life & Conflict, frequently stands solo on the campus’s Hayden Lawn in between classes to protest the president and “against racism and intolerance.” “I’m angry,” Martin told The Tab. “Less than a week ago, we had a terrorist attack in Charlottesville and we are now watching Nazis take to the streets of America. And, I hold Donald Trump directly responsible for empowering White Supremacist [sic].” Martin added he holds the Republican Party responsible for the death of Heather Heyer during the white supremacist chaos in Charlottesville two weeks ago, noting it has been “attempting to pass legislature [sic] to ‘protect people who run over protestors with their cars.’” He also says white people who continue to support President Trump and his agenda are racist and help to maintain white supremacy.

In another article from, it states:

The 24-year old convert running as a Democrat “hopes to work on issues including raising teacher salaries in the state and banning the use of private prisons.” He says the Trump administration’s attack on LGBTQ and Muslim civil liberties prompted him to get involved in public affairs. Although activism was evolving during the Obama administration, he says, Now the government has become so dangerous, I really felt it was important to run for office.

Martin is running unopposed in the democratic primary election, on August 28, 2018. The general election will be held on November 6, 2018. Arizona, get out and vote against this guy!

See some of Martin’s Twitter posts below:




Arizona State student’s solo protest against Trump, GOP: ‘responsible for death’ in Charlottesville


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