Teachers at Laguna Hills HS Set Up Trump Pinata For Students To Hit

Apparently, a group of Teachers from Laguna Hills High School, in Orange County California, held a “pinata party,” in which teachers along with students beat a Donald Trump pinata.

Video of the “party” was upload to YouTube by Arthur Christopher Schaper and captioned:

At Laguna Hills High School, in Orange County California, a group of teachers with students promoted a pinata party hitting a Donald Trump Pinata.

The video was also uploaded on Facebook by a page called FILM Your Marxist Professors with the caption:

Teachers at Laguna Hills High School set up a Trump pinata for students to hit with bats…

See video below:


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  1. Disgusting! Shameful for a teacher to hang any president up and have children beat on him! They are not Teachers in my book! Should be fired for such a stunt!

  2. These morons should lose their jobs. Teaching disrespect to the highest power in our land. Simply disgusting!

  3. I would think this is illegal, I’m sure if we did this Michelle Obama someone would be in trouble. I was so offended on Mother’s Day my city (Calabasas) asked if we wanted to sign a Mother’s Day cay for Michelle Obama. Did this come out of my taxes?

  4. Update: This instructor should have been fired for her actions. Instead, she has been reassigned to another school in the same district. If her actions were acceptable to allow her career to continue, why didn’t she stay at her former position? By reassigning her, it displays the school board’s agreement her actions were wrong.

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