Did David Hogg Set Up Nikolas Cruz With “Target Practice” Video?

A video obtained by CNN of a young man wearing a MAGA hat while shooting a gun in his backyard, has went viral. CNN and many others claim the man in the video is Nikolas Cruz.

CNN published the video claiming: “Cell phone video shows Nikolas Cruz shooting target practice in a backyard.”

But is it really Cruz in the video? According to some people, it’s not.

Yesterday, I came across a video on YouTube of a woman claiming that it is really David Hogg in the video, not Nikolas Cruz. At first I didn’t think much of this, but I decided to look into it anyway.

Below, is a video of who CNN claims is Nikolas Cruz. Pay attention to the details of the house.


After finding an address for David Hogg’s parents, I did a google search on the address and this is the house that came up. Sure looks like the same house in the video, doesn’t it?


Take another look at the house in the video…


As if this isn’t enough to make you wonder, go ahead and watch this video below. A reporter reports from where Nikolas Cruz was staying, and it is most definitely not the same house in the other video.


Screenshot of reporter in front of where Nikolas Cruz stayed.



So who is in the video? Is it Nikolas Cruz, as CNN claims? Or is it David Hogg, pretending to be Cruz? Which house looks like the one in the video?

cruz hogg.jpg


Please share your thoughts below.

Author: Deplorable Kel

Deplorable Kel is an independent journalist who covers news that the mainstream media refuses to report on. Kel covers anti-American candidates running in the U.S. elections, terrorism, crimes committed by illegal aliens and the indoctrination of children through schools and media. Subscribe Donate Shop

4 thoughts on “Did David Hogg Set Up Nikolas Cruz With “Target Practice” Video?

  1. I think it was David Hogg’s House in the third picture. But the one in the middle where Cruz is shooting the BB gun is in Town Parc at Mira lago in Parkland FL. I believe the first picture is where Cruz stayed after his mother died.

  2. Now don’t forget Lynda Cruz sold her house at 6166 nw 80 terrace the front of the houses. were kinda similar but I was friends with Lynda they had an ground pool in the back with light grey or white cement around it definitely not that dark ????

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