Bullets Found At Foothill HS Day After Threat Was Made

Yesterday, students from Foothill High School in Kern County, California, took to Twitter to express their fear of going to school today. Three different students from the school tweeted about a threat that was made to the high school. The students Tweeted multiple times about the threat, showing just how terrified they were.

See Tweets below:


Today, bullets were found in the bathroom sink at Foothill HS. According to news reports, there is no threat. Serious, no threat? A threat was made yesterday, and bullets were found today. How is that not a threat?

See video of students finding bullets below:

According to a comment from a concerned parent, and confirmed by the school police officer, the school did not even check students for a gun. Instead, the school carried on with the day as normal.

One would think that the school would take this more seriously, especially since 17 people just lost their lives 2 days ago, during a school shooting! Does the school care that much about the money they will miss for attendance, that they are willing to risk their student’s lives?

Other than the threat at Foothill High School, over 20 other schools have been threatened, just since the Parkland school shooting. It is time we take EVERY threat seriously and put armed guards at EVERY school!

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