Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison Without Parole, Granted Parole Thanks to Jerry Brown

In 1994, Susan Lee Russo was the mastermind behind her husband’s murder. Russo plotted for her boyfriend and friend to murder her husband, David Russo, so that she could collect the $1 million insurance policy.

David Russo was a senior chief petty officer at Lemoore Naval Air Station. He had been in the Navy 21 years, the last three in Lemoore. According to reports,

the Lemoore Naval Air Station serviceman, 43, was shot in the back of the head on July 14, 1994, while asleep in his Riverdale home. Two of the Russo children were asleep in another room.

According to The Fresno Bee:

Russo cleaned the murder scene, shampooed rugs and washed walls, the District Attorney’s Office said. His body was found in the back seat of the family car bundled in a sleeping bag. The car was found on a levee in Kings County.

Prosecutors accused Russo of asking Jason Wesly Andrews and Bobby Leon Morris, both of whom were convicted, to commit the murder so she could collect $1 million in insurance money and buy a new house. She also was convicted of trying to solicit the murder of Morris after she was arrested.

Russo was sentenced to life in prison, without parole. But soon she will walk the streets a free woman.

According to ABC30, last April, Governor Jerry Brown said Russo had “shown exemplary behavior and granted commutation of her sentence — making her eligible for parole.”

Thursday Russo was granted parole against the objections of her children, the Fresno County DA’s Office and the Judge.

Thanks Jerry Brown *sarcasm*






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