Laura Loomer Sneaks into Service Elevator At Mandalay Bay Hotel

Nearly four months ago the tragic mass shooting happened in Las Vegas. Four months later, we still do not have answers. Instead, we’ve seen cover up after cover up. Nothing adds up and it hasn’t from the start. No one believes what Las Vegas Police Department, nor the media says. And we have right not to.

Citizen Journalist, Laura Loomer has been following the tragic shooting since the beginning. Recently, Loomer went back to Mandalay Bay Hotel. While at Mandalay Bay, Loomer sneaked into the service elevator without even being a guest of the Hotel. Loomer took the elevator up to the 32nd floor, where the accused gunman stayed. Loomer wasn’t stopped nor questioned and it seemed no security was around. Loomer also had with her, a black duffel bag.

But that’s not it…

In a Tweet, Loomer writes:

Not only did I sneak into the service elevator w/out being a guest, I had 2 large gun cases in the car outside right in front of the hotel. If I was able to get in the service elevator undetected with a black duffel bag, could I also bring these 2 gun cases in too?

So much for Mandalay Bay upping their security, right? SMH

Watch video below:


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