Alyssa Milano Curls Up In Fetal Position After Reading Tweets From President Trump

The p*ssy hat women are at it again. Always complaining about something. This time, it’s Alyssa Milano having a meltdown. Milano took to Twitter to let the world know about her lil’ fit after reading President Trump’s Tweets.

Milano wrote:

Just made the mistake of reading all of @realDonaldTrump‘s tweets from the last few days.

I’m now curled up in the fetal position with an Cinderella tiara on my head.

Also, my feet are cold. So very cold.

Seriously? Is she 3 years old?

I think Alyssa should stay off of Twitter and take her a** to the kitchen and make a sandwich. After all, the world could use less p*ssy hats and more sandwiches.

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