John Cox Stumbles When Asked About Illegal Immigration

John Cox Stumbles When Asked About Illegal Immigration

John Cox on Illegal Immigration

On January 4th, Travis Allen and John Cox, two Republican Candidates for Governor of Ca, met for a debate. During the debate, a Patriot named Arthur Schaper asked the candidates what they would do as Governor to enforce Federal immigration laws. John Cox seemed nervous and unsure how to answer the question. Cox stuttered while trying to answer and his voice even cracked. Cox stated that he “will get our law enforcement agencies to work together with the federal government to make sure  that we catch illegal aliens who are committing crimes.” Isn’t being here ILLEGALLY a crime itself!? Yes, it is! Therefore, they all need to go!

Travis Allen on the other hand, had no problem answering the question. Travis said he wants to BUILD THE WALL and secure our boarder.

After stating what he wants done, Allen made a very good point about Cox. John Cox voted for Gary Johnson in the 2016 Presidential election. Gary Johnson is for open boarders. Does that mean Cox is as well?






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