Is John Cox Against Free Speech?

John Cox is a Republican Candidate running for Governor of Ca. Recently, he and another Republican Candidate, Travis Allen had a debate, in which Allen clearly won. During the debate, Cox avoided questions that he didn’t want to answer. It was clear right then Cox isn’t comfortable with everyone having free speech.

Since the debate, I have come to find out that Cox has been banning people on his Facebook page, myself included. I was banned after commenting that he voted for Gary Johnson during the Presidential Election, and after sharing the video of the debate between Cox and Allen. If you scroll Cox’s page you’ll notice he never posted nor mentioned the debate. I thought his followers should see it. I also feel his followers have a right to know that he voted for Gary Johnson, not President Trump. But instead, almost all of my comments (including the video) were deleted and I was banned from commenting on his page.

After this, I tweeted TWO tweets to Mr. Cox. After ONLY two tweets, I was blocked from viewing his Twitter account.

I came across a page on Facebook named Banned From “John Cox for Governor 2018”. Apparently, this page is for people who have been banned by Cox.

In a post by the admin, it states:

Quite some time ago, I reacted to a post on the John Cox for Governor 2018 Facebook page. I pointed out that John Cox didn’t support Donald J. Trump for President last year. He denied my point, deleted my comments and subsequently blocked me from posting or reacting to anything on his page. In hindsight, I wish I had a copy of that, but I was not aware at the time what lengths he would go to in order to hide the truth. As a conservative and an elected official myself, I had endorsed him early on, but the more I learned, the more I realized that he was not a good candidate to represent conservatives in this great state of California. Unfortunately, many voters do not educate themselves prior to casting their votes. It is my hope that his current supporters will garner more information and that is what this page is about.

In a comment on the above post, a Facebook user wrote:

When I asked the page to stop mud slinging, the page sent me a generic message telling me I’d be receiving updates. When I complained about the tone deafness – my comments were deleted, and I was blocked from commenting. Person running his page is doing him NO favors.

Another comment reads:

I posted on his page that all California conservatives are uniting behind Travis Allen. He sent me a message asking for my support. And I advised that I would be voting for Travis Allen. And my comment was removed from his page and I was blocked.

Another person wrote on the page:

So I joined this page before I was banned from John Cox’s page, but apparently now I can consider myself an official member. I am now no longer able to like or comment on his page. The man apparently doesn’t like hard ball questions. Lol.

Another post reads:

I was recently banned for Cox’s page. I didn’t publically question his vote for Johnson, but did so in a private message to him. After his spam bot sent me a donation request, he responded with a lame platitude that he now supports Trump’s agenda. I went back there today to see how his campaign was marketing itself, and I’m now banned. Cox is an imposter, a leftist in RINO clothing even. I’m now fully onboard with Travis Allen.

Another Facebook user wrote:

Yesterday I responded to John Cox’s post about Travis Allen’s donations asking him for a response to an article outlining his ties to a Soros funded PAC.
Today not only is my post gone but I can not post nor reply to his page.
Apparently his response to criticism or hard questions is to silence the person asking rather than to give an answer.

Another post reads:

I too was banned from Free Speech– no wonder Soros and Cox are aligned.


Patriots, is this really who we want as the next Governor of Ca? He couldn’t handle the debate with Travis Allen, he refuses to answer questions and blocks people from his page. That tells me he’s against free speech! If he can’t even handle questions from us, how in the hell is he going to handle being Governor of Ca? Think, before you waste a vote on this guy!



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  1. You can’t deal with communists, socialists, globalists, or Democrats and expect they will do the honorable thing. It’s not how they operate. Cox is aligned with Soros. That means he is anti-American, anti-Constitution, pro-new world order. He is not the candidate California needs. He might be good for North Korea, but not California.

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